In life, there are categories of people who will always express gratitude for what you did for them in the past; they always remember and remain grateful, whereas there are categories of people who easily forget a good deed done for them in the past and will never look back to show appreciation or even do the same when an opportunity to do so is presented to them. Whichever, I don't think it's compulsory for one to show appreciation, but I think it's nice if we can always express gratitude, at least in words, when necessary.


This beautiful old friend of mine here values every little act of kindness shown to her; she attached values even far beyond the good deed. In several ways, her character has influenced me positively, and that's the kind of friend I love keeping, not some bunch of negative influences as a friend. During COVID 19, I have known this lady, but we weren't all that close, but for some reasons known to her, she just trusted me so much in everything, to the point that she and her husband had to embark on an emergency trip to their hometown. On getting there, they discovered that they left an important document in their home, while their home is locked up with the keys under their custody. She called me and pleaded that they send their home key through courier services so I could unlock their house, pick up the document, and send it to them. The husband called me as well and made the same request; however, I did all they requested and sent back the keys along with the document through the same courier services to them. They were so excited and couldn't stop showing appreciation.


After two months of their stay in their hometown, we had heavy rainfall here in Lagos State, Nigeria, to the point that lots of homes were affected by flooding. The husband called me again, expressing worry over his house, and then pleaded with me to check his house and see if it was affected by flooding. He sent the house key again the second time, and when I reached his home, it was a disaster. The level of flooding in his living room is terrible, affecting lots of properties, including important documents. I had to hire laborers who cleaned the entire house properly while I soaked some documents in water and had them dried. All these made the man like me more, including his wife, my friend.

It's been three years since I assisted them with their request, and till date, I have been receiving lots of unexpected gifts from them. Each time we talk, they will remind me of how I helped them with all sincerity, even when we weren't all that close. I have received a huge monetary gift from them as a way of still showing appreciation. Last Christmas, the couple gifted my son this dress, which he is wearing here.


And to my greatest chagrin, my friend called me this Christmas to go to a logistic company close to my house to pick up a parcel πŸ“¦ for my Christmas πŸŽ„πŸŽ git. I have been amazed with lots of love coming from her. Here is the parcel,and I am so emotional to open it πŸ₯²


It's Christmas, when many people extend a helping hand to others, share love, and add smiles to people's faces. I have done some for some people; I have received some as well, and I think it's already a great Christmas day for me and my family and I hope you are celebrating well too?.


Christmas dish Β  Merry Christmas to you all! Enjoy the holidayπŸ₯³πŸ˜‡.

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