So I stumbled upon the referral program, which is the latest update about the holozing game. What a nice way to earn some small bonuses when we refer others to join the game! I think it's also a great way to reward people who help publicize this project. The first day I heard about holozing through @starstrings01 was the day I started sharing the information with some of my friends on Discord. I did all that without even knowing that rewards would come through referrals, and here we have it. Interestingly, when the game kicks off, various items will be sold, such as the Alpha Starter packs, Healer NFTS, and more. So how the referral stuff works is that for anyone you invite to the game of holozing, you enjoy a 5% payback on their purchases.


Now, this invite is not limited to hive users only. You can reach out to people you know that have interest in games like this but this requires that you open a hive account for them, because their registration will require a hive account. You see, it's also a way to bring more people into the Blockchain for good., So, let's go out there and spread the news.. remember this referral program will last only for a short while.. Kindly consider setting me as your referral account if you got holozing information through me either by one-on-one chat on Discord or through my blogs; it's a way to return the favor😉

The referral rewards will be a lifetime 5% of purchases by your referred accounts from @holozing. This will include things like our upcoming Alpha Starter packs, Healer NFTs, and other future sales.

The referral settings are a one-off thing, but they have benefits, even the ones that will be announced later, as I read from Acidiyo. Also note that you can't set someone as your referrer if they registered after your account. Mine is @starstrings01. So, he will benefit from whatever I purchase in the future regarding this game.

From the https://peakd.com/hive-131131/@holozing/referral-program-is-live, there are vital information to note which were stated here:

This period of setting someone as your referrer will be limited and only available until the Alpha Starter pack sale launches, afterward accounts won't be able to set a referrer and only links will place someone under your referral.

Furthermore, accounts won't be able to generate a referral link unless they've purchased at least a starter pack and/or healer NFT.

The main idea of referrals is simply to reward the people who help advertise this game and bring in more people to the game. I have seen someone who has already set me as her referral, and I hope more people I tell about this game will do the same because for any future purchases they make, I will get a cut. Which sounds like a yummy update. I hope they buy something!

How to add a referral

The Holozing site is always user-friendly and very simple to navigate through. Just follow these simple steps below using your hive keychain.

First, click on your image once you are logged in to the site, and it will display this below.


Next, click on referral program


In my case, I have one referred account already. Thank you @princessbusayo , please buy plenty things when the game starts, haha, I am still expecting more people to return this favour. So without wasting time, here is my referral link https://holozing.com?ref=nkemakonam89

Next is setting my own referral which is @starstrings01 . I just clicked on set referral and this was displayed


I carefully typed in his hive username and clicked on set referral.


It's quite a simple process, however, feel free to ask your questions wherever you are not clarified.

All images are screenshots from my holozing account and the thumbnail is an image from holozing community edited in canva

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