The Silver Lining of Struggle


Life is not a bed of roses. Every human faces difficulties and challenges in their life, which make us strong. Sometimes, difficulties lead us to a situation where we stand alone to face the world. Having a tough time doesn't mean giving up; we should always endeavor to conquer the challenges in our lives rather than sobbing over them.

When a toddler first begins walking stumbles on the ground, their guardians usually encourage them to get back up and learn to walk. We all play the part of a toddler in our lives, however it is not required to depend on somebody who inspires you to pick yourself up again and again; you have to do it yourself, which means your spirit strengthens you every time you fall.

Whenever I confront adversities in my life, I see change in my life. That's how I learn from my mistakes. In these moments, I discover my inner strength. When struggle arrives, I feel my self reshaping much like a blacksmith forging iron into a weapon.

Through adversities in my life, I learned that physical pain doesn't feel when you are mentally disturbed . I treasure the imprints that struggle has left on me as a symbol of bravery. I will never forget what I learned from my hard times and strive not to make the choices that lead me to them.

Did your adversity make you stronger? Share your experiences with me. Your opinion is very important.

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