Today's cleanplanet activity 10/05/2023


Today is 10/05/2023. Summer season is going on. All people are suffering from heat. Does not even like to leave the house. When I go to class, I feel the sun a lot on the way. We people walk from the bus station to the class. It was morning, so there was no sun. But when we leave the class and go to the bus depot, it is afternoon so it is very sunny. Even in the bus, there is no space, so it is like this at home. Today, there was no standing space in the bus.

I was very tired today. I came home, freshened up and fell asleep. I slept more today. Woke up at 6:00 PM. Then I got fresh and mom said if an aunt wants to go there then you should come. My aunt lives nearby so I went to her house. Mom settled the work that she said. Then when I was coming home, I saw a house where the lane was.

A plastic bag was lying there. There was a lot of garbage on the road. Plastic bags were also lying on the road. I don't know where the garbage came from in the street, but all the people throw garbage on the road. I was also very sad to see there. It saddens me to see all the people polluting our planet. In order not to spread the pollution, I pick up the garbage lying anywhere. There too I put all the waste in a plastic bag. Dear @cleanplanet , @cleanyourcity and @solarisfuture please check and verify this. Thanxall....

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