Chris Rea's "Auberge" - A Journey Through Blues-Infused Landscapes


Chris Rea, the British singer-songwriter and virtuoso guitarist, invites listeners on a soulful journey with his album "Auberge", released in 1989. This musical expedition is a testament to Rea's ability to blend blues-infused rock with poignant storytelling, creating an album that resonates with heartfelt emotion and atmospheric richness.


Blues-Infused Melodies:

"Auberge" unfolds with blues-infused melodies that echo the soulful roots of Chris Rea's musical identity. The title track sets the tone with its emotive guitar work and Rea's distinctive gravelly vocals, offering a glimpse into the album's blues-inspired sonic landscape.

Atmospheric Storytelling:

The album is a canvas for Rea's atmospheric storytelling. The songs transport listeners to evocative landscapes, both real and imagined, as Rea weaves narratives that touch on themes of love, introspection, and the beauty found in the simplicity of life.

Guitar Virtuosity:

Chris Rea's virtuosity as a guitarist takes center stage in "Auberge". His soulful and expressive guitar solos, heard throughout the album, add layers of emotional depth to the music. Chris Rea uses his guitar as a storytelling instrument, conveying a range of emotions with each note.


Lyrical Depth and Reflection:

"Auberge" reflects Rea's lyrical depth and penchant for introspection. The album captures moments of personal reflection, where Rea contemplates life's journey and the passage of time with poetic eloquence.

Notable Tracks:

These tracks encapsulate the blues-infused landscapes and atmospheric storytelling found in "Auberge," showcasing Chris Rea's musical craftsmanship and emotive delivery.

Critical Acclaim and Enduring Appeal:

"Auberge" received critical acclaim upon its release for its seamless fusion of blues, rock, and soul influences. Its enduring appeal lies in Rea's ability to create an album that resonates emotionally and musically, standing as a testament to his artistry.


Chris Rea's "Auberge" is a sonic voyage through blues-infused landscapes, guided by the soulful narratives and expressive guitar work of a seasoned musician. The album's ability to evoke a range of emotions, from contemplation to joy, speaks to the timeless appeal of Rea's musical craftsmanship. As listeners immerse themselves in the atmospheric richness of "Auberge", they embark on a journey guided by the profound artistry of Chris Rea, a storyteller whose tales are told not just through words, but through the heartfelt language of music.


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