My Daily Story 25/12/2023 : Happy Merry christmas It was another day when the children were happy. I took my daughter hang out .



Merry Christmas everyone. Today is the day that children like the most. I took both of my daughters out. The department store is our destination today. Because on Christmas Day in department stores there will be a beautiful Christmas tree arrangement. And the highlight is Uncle Santa Claus that the children like. Today is a holiday on the road, traffic is congested. So we arrived at the department store later than usual. When we got there there were as many people as usual. After we walked into the department store. We found a Christmas arch that was beautifully set up.




There are many families taking their children out to explore. And there were many families who came to take photos to capture the atmosphere of today's event. And so do we. My children and I took family photos together as a souvenir. My daughter eagerly walked in line to get her picture taken with Santa Claus. As we reached Santa Claus reached out and shook hands with my daughter. Then I handed one lollipop to my daughter. And took a photo as a souvenir, which my youngest daughter was excited and stood and took a photo with Santa Claus, making her cheeks puff out. I look at this moment and it is very cute.







I haven't visited a shopping mall for Christmas in many years since the COVID pandemic. And this year I went out to see the beauty that the department store had organized and it was very exciting. Couldn't resist taking photos to share with everyone. I don't remember how many photos I took. Because every corner has beautiful angles. I hope my friends will see it too. Thank you to all my friends who stopped by to read the articles and see the beautiful photos of the Christmas atmosphere that I have shared today. Thank you for following and supporting me all the time. For today, goodbye everyone. Merry Christmas.

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