Enjoy seafood food on the side of the road in Yogyakarta City


Enjoying the night atmosphere in the city of Yogyakarta is something I can't forget and also miss.

One evening I was invited to go for a walk with my husband. Enjoying the night atmosphere in the city is a beautiful thing, we can see the sparkling lights, people walking and also vehicles passing by.

Because we were hungry, we stopped at one of the lesehan restaurants which was right on the side of the road. This is a seafood restaurant. Yes….I happen to want to eat crab.


I ordered our food, there was crab with Padang sauce, grilled fish and fried tempeh. Don't forget the chili sauce and fresh vegetables.

My stomach was very hungry but disappointment also enveloped my heart. When the food came I was very happy, I couldn't wait to eat it. It's a shame that the crab I ordered was not fresh enough. This was really a bad experience and dinner.

I didn't have any complaints to the waiter at all, I just thought maybe this was just a coincidence. Or the seller gets crabs that are not good when shopping.

Here there is a large list of menus that we can order.


In my opinion, the price of the food here is not too expensive, even though the crab I ordered was not fresh, the other food menu I ordered tasted delicious too. I don't want to think too badly about the crab, I can still understand it.

Even though it is on the side of a busy road, this place to eat looks clean too. When I arrived there were also other visitors who were eating here.




The atmosphere was very busy, lots of vehicles passing by. Even though it was a little noisy, I still enjoyed the food.






This was my first visit to this place to eat, I got a recommendation from a neighbor at home. It's a shame that my first visit was a little disappointing, but I will try other menu items next time.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my post, see you again with my other post.


Dwi Purwandari

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