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For me, every person deserves to be happy on Christmas Day. Despite the hardships and shortcomings in life, all of us should take a break from stressful life. A joy or a deeper happiness should be encouraged to everyone. I hope a small token of joy would be a thing.

I grew up in a poor family where the amount of food should be divided equally so that every one can eat. Sadly, if there would be wasted food it means you'd be sorry, there would be no food for you. Yes, life was very hard those days but it didn't let us be discouraged in life. Hence, we inspire ourselves to work harder so that in the future our life would change.

I barely remember but for sure this memory of mine about "Bundle of Joy" was not accurate. It was Christmas back then, maybe I was 10 years old or maybe younger. I could not find joy in my heart even if it was Christmas time. You can not blame me at that time since we did not have food on the table, even though it was just an ordinary one. However, our small back then was already that good and jolly, not only that, a generous one.

They already initiated a theme "bundle of joy" where a small amount of rice, canned goods and noodles would be distributed to mostly poor families. All we needed in every household was to participate in the disco and have fun. Of course my parents participated immediately. Shortcut, they brought food into our house, even though it was not a fancy one, at least our Christmas was not hungry.

That memory itself moved me to create my own "bundle of joy" copied from the same concept in our hometown. But I don't credit it to myself of course since the money I bought with these small amount of food was from the passionate people in helping. I sent them solicitation about my purpose about where I wanted to used the money. They responded me well and I had an amount at least to buy those goods I needed but not everyone could receive. I apologize in advance since not all people could receive and also, not everyone in the village. Those who joined us partying and celebrating Christmas with us.

It was a success and I'm thankful to the sponsors or the people who donated amount. I called their names in front of the people so they learned that the "bundle of joy" they receive didn't come from money personally. I was just a bridge to connect one another and my intention was not to be recognized. Seeing them happy, the one who gave and the one received. What my intention was from the first place was to make my Christmas joyful. That reason enough satisfied me to be happy and be thankful that once again I celebrated a merry Christmas. This was just the beginning because I will try my best to make this happen every Christmas.

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This was the successful distribution of school supplies at Anislagon Elementary School.



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▶️ https://3speak.tv/watch?v=mrnightmare89/zoiukvzj

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