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It's another beautiful week in the realm of splinterlands. Well, there isn't much this week, as I played a few games as usual. Nd chooses the best summoners and monsters I love to pick all the time. And yes, this time around, I won many battles, but I lost battles. That shows some improvement. I love that, and I believe the more I stay to play more games, the more I get to know more about the game and improve. Well, here is one of my battles for this week. The rules of the game are standard, which means there are no modifications. A 35-mana cap was given to me, and all six elements were present. I chose the Thadius summoner; I've been using this summoner lately. It was the same summoner I used throughout last week, too. I just love to get to know more about it. Although I used the October summoner too, using the Thadius summoner is what I just got addicted to. Especially when it's monsters, it gives me a whole lot of joy. Their abilities are so good to use.As usual, I'm always in love with putting cursed windeku in the front line. Just because he is a melee card and has lots of abilities to stay in the front row. Abilities like thorns, when hit with a melee attack, do two damage to the melee card that hits them. Heal ability. This ability restores a third health max each time it gets to it's round. And lastly, slow: this reduces the speed of all enemies by one.I moved ahead to choose Chaos Jailer. This particular card has four good abilities. And I had already increased its level before I got the card, so that's an advantage for me. Opportunity ability. This will allow the card to attack from any angle; it is the only card with opportunity ability that has the power to attack from anywhere when it is a melee card, and it attacks all the lowest health. Meanwhile, it also has ambush abilities. This unit gets to attack first whenever t

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Right from childhood, I have always loved to do things on my own. I could remember when I first got my first phone. The first thing I downloaded on it was car racing. I have a special liking for car racing. Am I the only one who still remembers this game called Asphalt? It's a special car race that I and my friends used to play back in the day. I was so addicted to that game. I remembered buying coins to boost the level and also upgrading my cars.As if that wasn't enough. Even as an adult, I got obsessed with PS4. Some years ago, when I visited my uncle, all I was playing was PlayStation 4. There's a game called Grand Theft Auto. This game was so nice, and I played it on PS4. When the rest of my friends were busy playing the mission, I only had one mission in that game. And my mission is to drive roughly and be chased by the police. Believe me, I've got special feelings for this particular game. For a good thirty minutes, I will still be chased by police, and they will not catch me. I've designed my own car, and the speed and everything else are okay for me.So my point is, I've known a lot about driving even before I became an adult. This was because of the special likeness I have for cars. And the games I played. Then I can drive roughly inside the game, but not.When I was growing up, I couldn't have access to cars. I remembered how many times I told my dad about learning how to drive; he always explained it using theory for me. So there's absolutely nothing I do not know about it when it comes to theory. I remembered following my dad to his office most of the time. Because he's an engineer. He couldn't use the cars he repaired to teach me how to drive. And I understand, because that's not his personal car. All he will do is for me to sit in the car, and he will explain everything from A to Z. Since then, I left home, so I couldn't stay with Dad, even though he wanted to learn again. And

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I will say that if it is possible, we should just live forever in our childhood. I mean, I never knew adulthood would be like this.  The memories of childhood are unforgettable. Especially during the summer months, when everyone will be around, and we will play to length. We don't know anything about hunger or bills. All we have issues with is just fun. And beautiful memories.I used to tell some of my younger people now that they don't know what fun is all about. Back then. When we don't know what technology is all about, all we have to do is play with what we have. The children now have technology in their lives. They don't know fun. All we know is to play with toys and watch television. Believe me, that is not fun at all.Back then, we had to make a house for birds. We called it a cage. And that is where we used to put any birds we caught inside. We have to go inside the bush to cut down the bamboo tree so we can have the opportunity to make the house bird. Meanwhile, this is also a trap for the birds. The birds we used to catch then were called Meanwhile, we sell these birds to make more money. And the cage too. In fact, our parents are so proud of us. So believe me, once I eat in the morning, we have a joint meeting. And we would be there till evening. As if that wasn't enough. I grew up in a place where there's a village and a city vibe. I used to go to the farm with my friends. Just to catch the bush meat. Bush meat is like okete. Snake, and so on. Although I'm so scared of snakes, unlike some of my friends, those guys can catch anything with their hands. It will never be

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▶️ Just a few days ago, I was talking about how my phone got spoiled when I was about to charge it. When the phone screen got broken, I couldn't help it, so I had to find another way to survive. That was when a good Samaritan borrowed me the one I'm using at the moment.After which he gave me, I realized the phone has a charging port issue. I charged it over the night, and it doesn't even charge at all. I realized I've got all the tools I need to repair it at home. So all I need is a new charging port panel. I went to the market to get the charging port panel, which cost around $3 with the transportation fee.When I got back home, I used flat tools to gently remove the back cover of the phone, while I used the Star tool to remove all the nuts on the phone. After that. I gently removed the flex connected to both the charging panel and the panel so I could remove the panel. I also disconnected the network cable. It is a black cable.I gently removed the panel and put in the new one, then fixed all the necessary things. I covered the charging port panel with its cover and screwed it back with my sta tool. After that, I put back the back cover of the phone. Make sure everything is in order. And then I texted it. It works perfectly well.I charged the phone up to hundred percentage. I make sure everything is in order. Can you try this at home? Of course yes even if you are not an engineer. All you need is to make sure you calm. Fixing a phone is not too risky if you are actually careful with it.Equipment used.Star tool.▶️

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I believe everyone deserves a second chance. Oh yeah, we all do. And not everyone in prisons is actually a prisoner.  If you have paid a visit to the prisoners before, you will understand that most of them are not even criminals. But then we lived in a country where anything could happen.Image sourceIn my country, a lot could actually happen. It looks like you will see a policeman replacing innocent people with hard criminals in prisons. The prisons are full of innocent people; I was not saying there were no criminals in the jails. But most of them don't even know their offense.Imagine someone who spent ten good years in prison without knowing what he or she did. I have heard about a lot of people inside prisons who are innocent and get punished for no reason. Should we even talk about those who have been killed in prisons? They are all innocent people.Most times, I get really scared about a lot of things. Believe me, you don't have to be a criminal before you end up in prison. You just have to be prayerful enough so bad things will not happen to you.   I joined a group that used to visit the prisoners, and of course we took some things there to help them and also talk to them. More like we are telling them to start living a good life, after which they will live in prison.On getting there. I realized a whole lot of things. We were saved a cell. And it consists of 72 prisoners. There is no ventilation. In fact, some of them are not even putting on clothes. They beg for money, and so on. That day was a day I appreciated freedom in my life.If you ever see anyone who complains a lot, then that person hasn't seen what life is actually all about. If you have ever visited prisoners before, you will appreciate what is called life and freedom.

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It was early this year, and I am thinking of getting another phone. I must say I love the phone I'm using a lot. For the camera quality and the like, I was using a Google Pixel 3xL. And I believe the phone was very neat and nice. I must say that I learn how to use my phone very well, just because I don't have money to buy another one any time soon, and of course, because I'm an engineer, I know the bad effects of repairing a phone. It is just like a wound. It will never be like before.After a month, I had a conversation about my phone with my sister. My phone fell from a high place and fell on the ties. This was a lack of power supply. I do not have a choice but to find another means to charge my phone. Which I eventually did by using solar to charge it. Unknowingly, the phone fell, and the screen got broken. But it was still working well.I was using the phone like that, and honestly, my mind has been telling me it's a good time to save and change my phone. But I wasn't even listening. This was because I have another thing to spend money on entirely.I left home around April's end, just a few days before my birthday. I left home for another state so I could start building things myself. As a man, I can't stay with my family, as I also need to have my own family.After which, I left. I had to stay with my friend for a few days, so I can. Secure my own apartment. And fortunately for me, I was able to secure my apartment. And I was able to fix a lot of things I didn't expect.I also realized there is no power supply, and I needed it a lot just because of my gadgets. I found a hotel at which I can charge all the time. But that wasn't even enough. At some point, I realized: what if my phone was stolen, or what if someone else's phone was stolen and I was roped by a police officer? I mean, we are in Nigeria, so anything can actually happen.To stop charging outside, I was able to get a very small generator that will only power my phone and gadgets. But another problem I h