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Here we go for another week of Battle challenges with another Ruleset of Aim True which means that the target will never missed because of this Aim True ability even if there are blind or high-speed abilities the target will always be hit having this ruleset in a battle.





In the battle lineup, i will explain the cards used in this battle by a bot as i played 10 battles in my main account but did not get the current ruleset so went for my alt and here the bot already won this battle with the current ruleset. I tried a lot to get this ruleset but unfortunately, i did not get the ruleset so going to share the strategy of the bot with the current Challenge ruleset.


POSSIBILUS THE WISE is a great Water summoner from the Chaos Legion edition which i owned here in my level 1 account along with other legendary Summoners like Kitty Zaku and this one which is a great one with the trample + Reach-ability that adds +2 health and cost 6 mana cap.



In the first place, Kraken used from the rewards edition of Water Splinter with a taunt ability that gets attacked by all the enemy monsters one by one until it dies while the other monsters from the friendly team are busily killing the enemy monsters but here the enemy team also used the taunt monster in the first position but that one killed quickly while the tank healer saved my first friendly monster.

Kelp initiate is used in the 2nd position but this one is no attack monster having high speed and enough health that is why the bot used this monster in the 2nd position to miss some attacks because of its high speed but luckily this monster did not come to the first position for the fight as the Soulbound legendary monsters helps the no attack cards that adds the weapon training ability to these monsters and they are able to attack same as the Soulbound legendaries.

In the third position a tan healer used from the Chaos Legion edition that easily recovers your health of Friendly monster in the first position and when you power up this card to level 5 this will be able to restore the broken armors of your friendly team along with heal and in this battle it worked well which restored the health of first friendly monster. However, in my main account, i upgraded this card to level 5 that also restores the armor of my friendly monsters.

In the 4th position, another tank healer is used to restore the health of the first friendly monster, the same as the previous adjacent monster these two healers worked well and restored the health of the friendly monster in the first position which got high damage from all enemy monsters but this one and the previous friendly monster saved it. Also, i will try to upgrade this card to level 6 that adds 2 armor to friendly team and will restores the health of friendly monster in the first position.

In the 2nd last position, a common monster from the Chaos Legion edition used an opportunity ability that works well and killed the target with the help of the first friendly monster these two monsters vanished the whole team. I have level 4 in my main account but its working fine even at level 1 which you can easily use in your team but inside the Chaos legion rare Water Summoner that boost the speed of all friendly monsters so it can easily hit the target before the enemy monster does because of its awesome speed and 1 armor adding to the friendly team monsters.

In the last position, this monster was used which cut off the enemy monster attack in to half and it worked well here but killed with the return fire ability damage from the ruleset which gave damage back to this monster but hit the enemy monster and reduced their attack.

All images are from the Splinterlands

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