Gymnopilus dilepis


Latin Name Observation date Location
Gymnopilus dilepis November 9, 2023 Central Aceh Regency, Aceh, Indonesia

Hello friends, how are you today and hopefully we are all still in good health and can carry out our activities smoothly. On this occasion I would like to show again some interesting pictures of one type of fungus, namely Gymnopilus dilepis. We can see the shape and color of this mushroom which is really quite beautiful and at that time I got this mushroom on a fallen coconut tree and there I tried to peel the coconut skin and take the mushroom then I tried to catch some Beautiful pictures of several sides of this beautiful mushroom. It looks like this is still quite easy to age because when this mushroom matures, the top will develop like a circle which is almost the same as the opening of an umbrella. Thank you very much all friends and see you again later.

Camera used Smartphone
Lens Macro
F-stop -
Iso speed ISO
Focal length MM
Photography Gymnopilus dilepis
Location Aceh Indonesia
Photographer @mnurhiver

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Latitude  Longitude Map
- -
=5.1962669119 =96.3135533534

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