Hollow Knight - Awakened Dream Nail


The Dream Nail stands as a revered weapon and talisman, its power capable of piercing the veil between the waking world and dreams. Crafted by the Moth Tribe, this sacred tool holds the ability to unveil the thoughts of beings and even inanimate objects, granting access to specific realms within the Dream Realm.

Before falling into the Knight's possession, the blade had dulled with time, necessitating the infusion of Essence to rekindle its potency. Essence embodies the radiant fragments that compose dreams, often taking the form of departed souls. As Essence is gathered, dreams and memories latch onto the Dream Nail.

Among its remarkable capabilities, the Dream Nail holds the power to transport the user between locations through dreams. By envisioning a powerful gateway to a dream-connected area, the wielder can traverse distances instantaneously, reliant on the place's strong ties to the realm of dreams.

Designated as the "Wielder," the individual who wields the Dream Nail is the anticipated arrival awaited by the Moth Tribe. Their purpose revolves around amassing Essence and scouring memories throughout Hallownest. Upon accumulating 2400 Essence or more, the Seer proclaims the Knight as the long-awaited Wielder foreseen by her tribe.

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