Monomad: Comic Expo Cosplayers


Seeing so many cosplayers over the years I really admire the many different communities that come together at these events. Every year I see groups doing Steampunk, Fallout, Star Wars, Lego, Marvel, DC and many others. Sometimes you can catch them all together for frame filing collection of cosplay. I know many make and design their own costumes, including their own props as a matter of pride. Its very involving and this event is one of the best places to display all their hard work.

April 25 2014-33-Edit.JPG

April 25 2014-3-Edit-2.JPG

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April 25 2014-17-Edit.JPG

April 25 2014-48-Edit.JPG

April 25 2014-21-Edit-2.JPG

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April 25 2014-34-Edit-2.JPG

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