I can, but only when I want to


Why can't every day be like this when so, so good and tasty food arrives at our table? I am wondering if some magic happened or if that food got legs and walked by itself to our home and jumped onto our plates. Of course, it had to jump into a large pot first. A few carrots, a parsnip, half an onion, a few cloves of garlic, a bit of kohlrabi, and a few pieces of chicken that wouldn't go in the oven jumped into the warm pool. It is possible that it was a spa, with thermal waters.

These ingredients enjoyed the treatment for over an hour, got a bit of salt and voilà - a tasty chicken soup was ready. Thin noodles for soup, called in Spanish Cabello de ángel - angel's hair (not to be confused with the pumpkin jam that has the same name) were cooked for two minutes in a separate, small pot. On our plate, it made a divine combination with the hot soup. My son was delighted - how did you do that tasty dish? How did you manage it?

I didn't answer him then.


The asparagus came green, full of energy and with the desire to have an adventure in the kitchen. Well, they had to wait a bit while the green zucchini sauce took its place on the stove. It is true, I helped the zucchini to become ground and boiled for a short time. I also added a little flour to the heated oil (a small amount, a teaspoon), fried it shortly, added a little water and mixed it with zucchini. A playground for vegetables, this has been my kitchen today. I was over there, helping these vegetables do their thing and watching them enjoy their game. No doubt, this is a good life, if food is prepared this easily.

But it also happened that the potatoes flew into the oven tray, along with the rest of the chicken. They paid for themselves a session in solarium. As responsible ingredients, they were thinking about their skin. First, they applied on themselves a mixture of ground dried vegetables, a pinch of salt and olive oil. 90 minutes passed and I took the oven tray out of the solarium oven. The photo was taken at that exact moment:


When the oven was already hot... it had to be used for additional treats. A Strudel that came from Vienna, I mean it originated there. Probably it would be difficult for the thin, elastic dough to travel over to Spain in a few hours, together with its friends - apples, cinnamon, sugar and raisins.


The soup, meat, potatoes, zucchini sauce, asparagus and Apple strudel were all very delicious. We were in awe and the questions didn't stop. Why it can't be like this every day? Maybe because it is not Christmas every day? Or because the ingredients would not be this kind every day and prepare the lunch for us?

If not, then I can try to do my best and repeat similar kitchen adventures more often. Of course, I can, but only when I want to.


The only unfortunate thing in today's lunch was the fact that there was no more Baileys Irish cream in the bottle. Just one sip and the bottle fell drunk empty.


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