Christmas in London • Carnaby Street and Regent Street




Carnaby Street and Regent Street

During the Christmas holiday season, the most prominent decorations are lights. You could see colorful Christmas lights in almost every culture. The dazzling lights give the environment a joyous festive feeling to everyone. Today let us share with you the stunning lights of Carnaby Street.


Each year there is a different theme here at Carnaby. In the previous years the themes higlighted Celebration, Kaleidoscope, Love. This year the theme is Carnaby Universe which showcases the solar system in beautiful neon colors. Planets floats above the steet and people from all over come and visit to witness the spectacle. It is one of the tourist spot during the holiday season that must not be missed.



The beautiful colorful planets that hang above the street cover 250 meters from end to end. The creativity of the designers of this year's theme is spectacular as the lights are almost hypnotic. Each sphere has a different design which resembles planets. I can only imagine how much work was done on each of the spheres.





This is the largest one I believe which is placed in the center. It looks like the red planet Mars. It could also be the sun as it looks like it is burning with gases surrounding the surface. What do you think?



Carnaby is known to be the birthplace of the swinging 60's. I never really knew what is was all about but I have found out that the swinging 60's is all about culture, pop music, fashion, and teenage rebellion. This place is the birthplace of all of that in London.



Carnaby is also known to be a popular shopping and dining haven for tourists and locals alike. There are so many shops here in the area of popular clothing brands and high-end brands. Be cautious though as it is known to be the most expensive street in London.




From the side streets of Carnaby, there is this lone pink moon that caught my attention. It looks like the moon came down to light up this side street.


I love the purple planet and I think it's my favorite. Although there is no known purple planet in existence, here the colors would stimulate your imagination. There were also these confetti-like decorations among the planets which danced as the wind blew.



Carnaby Street should not be missed if ever you are in London during Christmas. It is an experience that you will never forget. Looking forward to next year's theme and no one can tell what it will be. The only thing that I am sure of it, that it will always be spectacular.


Just a 9-minute walk away from Carnaby Street is Regent Street. Each year angels fly along these streets. Also known as a tourist destination, shopping for international brands and also featured in many movies.


These lights are called The Spirit of Christmas and have been a tradition since 1954. The lights are simply magical and feel like it has cast a spell along Regent Street. You would see a lot of tourist taking photos and the best spot to take photos is in the middle of the crossing. You would see those small walkways in the middle of the street.




How would you like to visit London during Christmas? Let us know about your experience if you have visited before. We would love to hear from you. Thank you for joining us today on this Christmas walk and hope you have a very magical Christmas.

Hope to see you again soon.




All photos are original and taken with

Lumix GX85 and Olympus 45mm f1.8


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