Creative Sunday Wk 82 - "Lift Me Up By Rihanna" Cover


Hello Hive learners community and my fellow singers on Hive! It's another new week, it is a beautiful week for me as it starts with the creative Sunday initiative and once again, I'm glad to be here with another cover of a song from a movie. It's a song from a legendary movie, one that many who saw it loves the storyline and the lead character.


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*For this creative Sunday, I decided to sing the cover of the song "Lift Me Up" from the movie "Black Panther - Wakanda Forever" sang by "Rihanna", Even many who haven't seen the movie would know this song.*

Black Panther - Wakanda Forever is a movie released in the year 2023, a few years after the first part and both went viral as many were looking forward to it. It is a movie about a kingdom that has abundance of titanium, a rare sight to the world and it is also about a superhero, a king who uses this titanium for great cause. This second part is a bit sad as the guy who played the roe is dead now and he was replaced with another character.

Well, the song is one of the favourite things I love in this second part of the movie. I had once did a cover of it but I'm hopeful this one surpasses that one as I wasn't so good with the song then.

While the movie is highly recommended that you check it out if you're yet to see it, the song is also a good recommendation to add to your Playlist. The song is a perfect listen for solemn times and when you feel down, I actually love it for the calmness it brings especially where she sings the chorus.

I do hope you'll enjoy listening to my cover of this song. It's always a pleasure to participate in this initiative and I'm grateful to the community for the opportunity and support. Until next time again... Thanks.

Song Lyrics

Lift me up Hold me down Keep me close Safe and sound

Burning in a hopeless dream Hold me when you go to sleep Keep me in the warmth of your love When you depart keep me safe Safe and sound

Lift me up Hold me down Keep me close Safe and sound

Drowning in an endless sea Take some time and stay with me Keep me in the strength of your arms Keep me safe Safe and sound


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