A Movie Night Time - An Holiday To Remember



A week into December, I spent my day with family and the night with a bigger family and friends. I can bet I won't forget that day in a very long time because of a particular activity I engaged in with family and friends. The day started like normal, very normal with my family at home until I got a call and was invited to an activity.

It was a call to go see a movie, have snacks and have fun with those who came for the same purpose.

It was a cool evening and the venue was like two worlds apart from where I live 😅 I had all the good enough reason to not attend it but the curious and excited me couldn't give up that chance of seeing a movie in a different setting so I went on the journey with my little sis.

The journey was quite smooth as we went with a friend who was very sure of the location since I've only been there once sometime ago. We talked, laughed and had our time until we arrived at the place.



We got there and couldn't stop smiling as we kept seeing friends we've last seen in a long time, it got more exciting for me as we await the time for the movie to start. It was my very first time to see a movie with so much crowds and so I could actually feel the difference while we wait.

We were first welcomed with a nice speech from the organiser, it was actually an event one of our churches organized for their youth to have a nice time and they invited youths from other congregation to join them, that was how I found out and became part of it. After the speech, we prayed and everyone got well seated for the movie to start.


As the movie began with it's introduction of casts and stuffs, they shared really nice ice cream for us to cool off while we watch the movie. Before that time, the day has been very hot so you could imagine how grateful everyone must have felt when they saw ice cream going round.

From one spoon to another, I finished mine before the movie casts were all introduced 😅 well, they promised there would be popcorn and drinks to go round in a few minutes time into the movie.



I didn't remember to take pictures when we were having the popcorns and drinks as the movie got more interesting around that time and I just chewed and starred with so much attention to the huge screen. We were made to see the movie titled "Breakthrough", a movie that promotes faith, love and obedience.

I had seen the movie long before that day I saw it again so it was a perfect pick to know how different it would feel seeing with many people who were excited about it. And I tell you, the feeling was different and a lot better.

We laughed together, got emotional together and we even clapped in the closing scenes that got us feeling so happy about how it all ends. I don't know when I'll get to do such again but I'm definitely choosing this as one of the best things that happened to me this holiday.

All images used are mine


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