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▶️ hello everyone!! Its a great way of greeting everyone here and how the day has been so far since we are already in the mid week. And since i missed out in the jamming zone for the past week which was for week 13, then i wont want to miss this one again for the neww week so i started the search for a perfect song instrumental to do and play something nice to it. over here in the part of the country where i am it is believed that anytime there is rainfall, the power holding company would seize to give power supply, just like yesterday when the rain fell till now there has been no power supply.For me i had to look for an alternative just to participate in the jamming zone so i had to use my engineering skills and connect some wire close to my neighours house to get electricity just for me to also get access to electricity if there is no power supply and the neighbor put on the generator. immediately i got home this morning from where i went to, luckily the generator was on so i used the opportunity to do the video which the title of the song instrumental is pacific. The first thing which came to my mind was how the chord progression is going and the type of scale which i will play to it in other to suit the cool playing of the was not a very long one and i believe you will get along with it even discovering some new chords while playing and it was fun to do that also...I did the recording with poco M3 Xiaomi phone and due to the quality of the picture and video. Till next time on here. SPANISH¡¡¡hola a todos!!! Es una gran manera de saludar a todos aquí y cómo el día ha sido hasta ahora, ya que estamos en la mitad de la semana. Y ya que me perdí en la zona de improvisación para la semana pasada, que fue para la semana 13, entonces yo no quiero perder esta vez de nuevo para la semana neww así que empecé la búsqueda de una canción instrumental perfecto para hacer y jugar algo agra

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▶️ I almost forgot that i had it in my schedule and plan to make a post today in the community and i was actually thinking of tomorrow not knowing that it will be a very busy day for me but i totally forgot but thanks to someone that gave me a reminder of what i wanted to do earlier this morning so it was made easier because plan has been made and the song was already on ground before, Already at week 13, i will be doing a song cover which is also a hymnal since today here is Sunday and i just feel it will best go along.So the title of the song which i did was Sing a wondrous love of Jesus" it is an hymnal and playing the song with guitar as an accompanying was really great which made the song so cool for hearing and without talking too much the rest of the content are in the video, i hope you enjoy the video as you sit cool and watch.LyricsSourceWhile we walk the pilgrim pathway Clouds will overspread the sky; But when trav'ling days are over Not a shadow, not a sigh. [Refrain]SpanishCasi me olvido de que lo tenía en mi horario y el plan para hacer un post de hoy en la comunidad y yo estaba pensando en realidad de mañana sin saber que va a ser un día muy ocupado para mí, pero me olvidé por completo, pero gracias a alguien que me dio un recordatorio de lo que quería hacer esta mañana temprano por lo que se hizo más fácil porque el plan se ha hecho y la canción ya estaba en el suelo antes, Ya en la semana 13, voy a estar haciendo una cubierta de la canción que también es un himnario y

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I have been talking about people going into business and the way they make their profit which is why we do say that as an entrepreneur you shouldn't put all your capital on a certain business which you are not really sure of the outcome and actually no one's really have 100% guarantee on a business outcome until the end, so my point here exactly is to actually find a lot of business to investing and in the process of doing that one should be very conscious of the kind of business to go into, which is why I will be talking about the topic with came to my mind today because I was the main point of that topic which only happened to me of recent. As a student learning does not stop falling a business or investing in certain business but balance education and business which is really a very tasking one, I actually have two business which I have known with the way I can do the business made it very known to all and the business is going gradually, the last time I wrote about my business which I said I am into printing press and how I was able to obtain a shop in the midst of those people doing that same kind of business which i was able to stand out even though because of the strategic ways and the advice i was able to adhere to now there is this saying that no matter how rich a business man can be, he will still always look for more money.This applies to everybody at large because even with the fact that i have been into two business i was still in search to have more things that will make me get multiple source of income, that is how in search of another business i just decided to give trading a try which i know it is not actually related to what i really wanted to do but just in the haste to see more money i had to put the amount of $50 in a trading wallet in the hope of getting a lot of profit from that money and i just started with any kind token to use but within two days i didn't know how that $50 turned to 0 without having the profit which i had in my mind but just in the haste to make money i still lost that amount which if i had calm down i would have seen various business to put that

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▶️ It's another time of the week in the music zone community and this time around i am dwelling in singing for the week since there is no power supply to bring my keyboard on and use it when i wanted to make my video and so i had to go back to the second love of my life because i already have the first love of my life which is the piano so talking about the second love of my life which is the guitar so i used that as an accompanying for my singing today for week 86 and round 2, so moving on to the next part of the post which is the about the song cover which i did and will like to say few things about it.So the title of the song is Pressing On" which is actually a hymn that i believe it is very common to those who listen to various songs and for those who doesn't know about the song, i will be glad to be the first to let you hear it with my guitar, so when i started making the video i got to a point where i almost forgot the lyrics of the song but i just had to calm down and be sure i have not forgotten all completely playing the guitar and singing together. I did the recording with my second phone which is poco m3 which is a xiaomi product, i really love the video quality of that phone and that is why i choose it over other phone because of their quality in talking pictures and videos, then i used the kinemaster application to make little editing in the video which i believe it will make a lot of sense.I hope to see you again next time on here.SPANISHEs otro momento de la semana en la comunidad de la zona de música y esta vez estoy morando en el canto de la semana, ya que no hay fuente de alimentación para llevar mi teclado y utilizarlo cuando quería hacer mi video y así que tuve que volver al segundo amor de mi vida porque ya tengo el primer amor de mi vida que es el piano por lo que hablar sobre el segundo amor de mi vida que es la guitarra así que lo usé como acompañamiento para mi canto hoy para la s

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▶️ Hello my great people who are also music lovers, it's another great time of the week which is very early part of the week, i have been off for four days and i have missed out from a lot of things which i thought it had made me lag behind so this time around i am joining back because music is always part of me. Its already week 217 in the hive open mic community and the theme is talking about been grateful.So in line with that i was able to go for a song which is directly with the theme of the week and this song is just about giving thanks to the creator for all he has done and that is a way of showing gratitude to the creator for been nice and always caring, The song is just short lyrics and it doesn't take much time in other to get so i chose it as just mean of appreciation. The edit was made on the kinemaster application, i hope you enjoy the short video and see you again next week for another entry.SPANISHHola mi gran gente que también son amantes de la música, es otro gran momento de la semana que es muy temprano parte de la semana, he estado fuera durante cuatro días y me he perdido de un montón de cosas que pensé que me había hecho quedarse atrás por lo que esta vez me estoy uniendo de nuevo porque la música es siempre parte de mí. Es ya la semana 217 en la comunidad de micrófono abierto de la colmena y el tema está hablando de ser agradecido.Así que en consonancia con que yo era capaz de ir a una canción que está directamente con el tema de la semana y esta canción es sólo acerca de dar gracias al creador por todo lo que ha hecho y que es una manera de mostrar gratitud al creador por ser agradable y siempre el cuidado, la canción es sólo letras cortas y no se necesita mucho tiempo en otros para conseguir así que lo eligió como sólo signific

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I love the fact that music is done with Diversity and the way we do music here in Nigeria is different from the way music is been done in the united state, and also even within Nigeria we have different tribes and they have the way music is been done and thanks to #Afritunes community i will talk about them one after the other because i have been privileged to travel to many places within nigeria through the help of music and i can say music is really nice. Starting with the different type of instrument which i thought i have seen it all and also the name of those instruments which are producing better sounds and i never thought those things can be so useful in music line, The first time i travelled to the eastern part of the country through the help of a close friend who invited me for a wedding program and when i got there and i saw the musical band who started playing, i was forced to stand up from where i was sitting to check out those instrument and the first one i saw was looking like a pot or let me say it's a pot made of clay burnt and using a flat object to hit it then the sound coming out was so nice making the music production so cool. The Fuji and JujuNow this is one of the widest music style in africa specifically nigeria and this is greatly acceptable in yoruba land especially when there is a special event, the composure of those music are always top notch because there is always presence of talking drum, I know most might be wondering what a talking drum is? it is actually a