Lips Study - Digital Drawing



Here is my new digital drawing. For today's drawing, I tried delving into something different - a study of the human mouth; the lips in particular. It looks tempting as it seems to be biting a part of the lower lips.

With my favorite style, I used scribbles to build my first coat, that was followed by a blurring and I later introduced colors to it.

The sketch was done with AutoDesk sketchbook application and aided with an S-pen. My steps can be seen below:

Screenshot_20230506-134303_Autodesk SketchBook.jpg

Screenshot_20230506-135234_Autodesk SketchBook.jpg

Screenshot_20230506-135717_Autodesk SketchBook.jpg

Screenshot_20230506-140325_Autodesk SketchBook.jpg

Screenshot_20230506-140838_Autodesk SketchBook.jpg

Thank you.

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