December 25th, loving you and missing you so much


Hi, Hivers, and Merry Christmas!

I hope that all those whom you love and love you with kindness in their heart will be with you in this last month of the year. Know that those who are not physically here will still be with us. # image.png image.png #

Christmas Lights

On Christmas, on the holy, merry season, be or be not a holy and merry day, I hold my truth as might be faith or reason; my memories of you, my child’s play.

Beneath the Christmas lights twinkling and shining, we may embrace the living or those gone, for such is life’s design, a silver lining, bright lights of joy in darkness eve or dawn.

But Christmas lights can’t brighten up this home. I break into the past in well lit dream. So soon a golden hue takes on this gloam. So soon I find in you the longed for gleam.

My memories of you are always clear, and even in my dreams they're always dear. #

image.png #

And this was a sonnet to my mom

who always watches over all of us from wherever she may be... #

I'm a sonnet lover. A sonnet may well have us break an enigma, the complexity of a mixed emotion or lingering teasing thoughts. Sonnets are as universal as true itself; they make words sound with the emotion and sternness they deserve.

I guess that like many sonnet lovers, my favorites are very old, written hundreds of years ago--like Petrarch's or Shakespeare's (classic, right?)--. The sonnet is an echo in time, a voice that tells truths as only a poem can. # This poem follows the classic English sonnet form (Also Shakespearean or Elizabethan), which is perhaps my favorite of all forms. This means that here you'll find fourteen lines in iambic pentameter distributed in four stanzas: three quatrains and a couplet. I'm a romantic in many ways, in love with the old forms, so you'll see all the rhyme scheme as expected (abab cdcd efef gg) and the volta in the ninth verse. # I'm passionate about writing sonnets, and I can say that it's the best soul therapy because in order to build it, I have to clear my mind and find my emotions and my ideas. It's a beautiful act of writing, and I invite you all, if you have not already done so, to write/read them. #


In this season, we'll always miss someone who isn't around to give us a hug, either because they're far away or because they've moved on to a better place. It's a healthy habit for us, I believe, to try to remember the good times and content our hearts with the best options at hand. For those who are far away, a phone call or video call often brings a little longed-for comfort. For those who are out of our reach, gone for good, we can turn to memories--and writing :)

The Photos I Never Got to Take:

Sometimes photo albums are a good source of memories. But some photos we can't see with our eyes. # My mom died on December 25 twenty years ago, and every year since then, I write something to honor her memory. I build an album of photos I never got to take. # ...Like this one where my mom is sitting with her grandchildren. #

image.png # Or this one where she's complaining to all of us for having taken the tables out to the garage because she wants the pictures in her nice kitchen with wooden cabinets, which she had made by that nice carpenter. #

image.png #

And I love this one where she tells me to make coffee because it's raining; as non-sequitur as it may seem, it makes perfect sense to me. #



All text and images are my own. I have taken the pictures with my Redmi 9T cell phone. And if any GIFs here, I've used for all them.


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