December 24 2023: I went to market. later, I attended a traditional ceremony


Do you know that walking is part of exercise? see, today, instead of going to the nearest local market known as Ahia afor with my motorcycle, I decided to move with my legs. Meanwhile, why did my maker give it to me if not for me to walk around with them. The honest part of it is that if I should pamper it, it means that I abused the opportunity given to me lolz.

As I went to the market, I saw lots of groceries that caught my fancy including fruits, and vegetables as you can openly view from the image below. Not only that, I also saw and buy tomatoes though I never budgeted for it but because the color is attractive and charming, I decided to buy.

The Hausa guy that I bought the tomatoes from his hand was so much happy but my own happiness exceeded his because it's exactly the specie of tomato I do prefer which is known as De rica.

Another thing I bought is Onions. Onions is something I can't do without whenever am cooking, frying or most times, I do eat it raw. After purchasing those items, I attended my landlord's child's traditional marriage. Please I was unable to Capture the couple because the traditional marriage was overcrowded and children was also covering my view.

After the marriage, I went back to my house, warm my food, ate and ready to drop this information in form of report.

immediately after dropping, I must retire for the day because it's already 11:45 pm.

Good night to you all.

love you all..

Ohh, lest I forget,

A kiss for you all!!!!!!


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