Rural Roadside In May


Greetings, Fellow Yellow And Other Color Visual Users!

Are you exploring the usual May Diversity of Photographic Opportunities?

Sharing a series of photographs I took while driving between town and the third next village, which is where one of our family gardens is. The one that me and sometimes my brother have to take care of as best we can.

What I mean's a road I drive on...quite regularly. It's usual. Casual. Normally. It's quite unusual in the fastest-paced season of fast growth and blooming.

That day, colors and shades made it possible to take decent landscapes even at noon.


Camera Settings:

Aperture F 4 (because I was lazy and decided not to tune it down to F 8 or something with greater depth of field)

Shutter Speed 1/1250 of a second

Light Sensitivity ISO 100

Focal Length 200 mm

I needed something to highlight the gentle natural curves of the terrain that I pas through a lot, and this time, I had the chance to kind of make it a bit more...special.

Here be a few more shots from the drive by...


Roadside_in_May_006_s.jpg Here be the huge smile emoticon in the field.


It is a short ride. A twenty-minute one. Many a reason to stop by the road and point a lens towards. From patterns of the tilled land to predatory birds.

Luckily, a field of yellow blooming cultures is easier to catch than the always alert feathery friends. And sometimes, the catch might even be worth it.

Peace and Strong Of Odor Fodder!



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