Wise men do not engage in arguments.


It is not wise to win an argument but it is wise not to enter into an argument

Argument is always an important preparation in human life. We may encounter different types of arguments at different times in our daily lives, not easily understood. But the truth is that the ability to be intelligent in winning or losing an argument comes more from not getting into an argument.

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Argument is a mess

The argument is essentially a skill that helps the intelligence recognize itself. It leads us to certain truths and helps us to change our attitude towards certain things. But one of the main conditions for being particularly intelligent in an argument is to help change our opinions for the better. An intelligent person can change his opinion based on his arguments because he knows that real growth in life requires changing opinions.

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An important skill for being intelligent about arguments is to help others understand and accept their opinions respectfully. A wise person knows that an important skill in understanding others and accepting their opinions is a strategy that people contribute to their lives. It helps him to convey his ideas and improve his judgment skills, through which he can protect himself and his credibility increases.

Sometimes wisdom is considered a manhood or prowess to avoid arguments. To be intelligent is to be able to judge in time, to be able to discover, and to place oneself in the gap with time. Sometimes patience in judging helps to increase your skill or human ability and if you can do it right, it is a sign of intelligence indeed.

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So, the key to being smart about arguments is that you define yourself through them and if you can use them properly, it is a smart strategy. The smart thing to do is not to argue, to change his opinion, to steer him in the right direction, and to give value to his ideas, and this is really an invaluable skill that helps an intelligent person to make comments.

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