On Becoming 26



It's that time of the year, the day where I should be feeling great, about my existence.

Happy birthday to me!

This time last year, https://peakd.com/hive-174578/@macchiata/on-becoming-25 as I finished my wandering and exploring all the temples in Java. And.. as crazy as it sounds, though not necessarily in Cambodia, I managed to get to Thailand and Laos. I saw mesmerizing temples that I was immersed in their beauty and wished to stay longer.

Cambodia is also only 4 hours away and practically, I could go there too. But what mattered was, what I wrote down here, sort of happened on its own way.

This year, I learned not to be too sulky about this dreadful day. Like my newly-friend that I met from my wandering told me, as long as we live, have a roof over our head, can eat, we can be grateful. Life is simple as that, she said. She was so convincing that I wanted to fly to Nepal right away to see that we could be happy with less. That happiness isn't the amount of money we have, it's just how we make it to be.

As I sit down writing this all out, I look back to my early 20's filled with anxiety, stress, problems and hated my existence. I won't lie, I still kinda do but I woke up happier and lesser anxiety as I realized that life will find a way to sort its problem out. I am not advocating that we shouldn't work hard, be lazy and hoping things to come our way but as long as we try, one way or another, we'll reap what we sow.

Now, the most important part is, I am super grateful for friends I made from here, for friends who has helped me tremendeously in life; from giving me advice, help when I needed it , especially when I am really bad at asking for help. And many more kidness that they have shown me. They meant a lot to me and I intend to repay those at some point, when I have more means :D. And of course, everyone who has supported my journey on Hive!

All I wish now is that a life blessed with abudance, health and to see the world even more, seeing the places like vatican, Edinburgh Castle and paris where I could visit all these historical sites and finish the route like once I read from the Da Vinci Code.

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