Curry noodles at Auntea Cafe


There is a restaurant here that is called Auntea instead of Auntie. A memorable name for a restaurant that specializes in delicious local delights.

Let's visit this shop called Auntea. Got to give them credit for having such a creative name.

Curry noodles

This dish is special. It is a blend of the traditional and the modern. It's a mix of curry and noodles. There is also some chicken meat.

This place is quite popular with the locals. The kitchen is just in front.

While waiting for my food, I usually spend my time looking at how the food is created.

A cup of coffee with milk

Fresh brew coffee with lots of bubbles at the top. The cup also has a nice design. This cup of hot coffee is delicious. The best is to drink it while it is still hot. The aroma is still strong.

The menu here

Most of the food here is noodles. These are popular Sarawakian breakfasts.

Super yummy. It's best to eat this when it is still hot. A bit of spiciness but not too spicy.

A bowl of wonton.

This is my wife's favorite. She loves wontons.

A bowl of Chicken soup noodles

This is one delicious bowl of chicken soup noodles. Lots of delicious stuff inside. They also added red wine to make this dish have that extra taste.

How did the food here taste? Great. If you wake up early in the morning and crave something hot. This is the place to go. The best is to have them while they are still hot.

Have a great day ahead. @Luueetang

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