Eliminate boredom because you are tired of work


Hi friends, how are you all? Of course, in good health. Meet me again here in my daily activities of course with Hive. Here I want to show some pictures about Our activity on last Friday was of course in the context of refreshing, namely releasing a little tiredness with my work friends here, and I and my work friends, here we are some people are around nine people. We want to relieve our tiredness a little because the days we spend are always working and we are all hard workers here, it's our day off was Friday, so we all agreed to go together on Friday December 22 2023. There are also three small children with us and we are here bringing a goat that we slaughtered before leaving, namely at the place where we work. We also carry ice, syrup and a place to brew drinks for our eating utensils. Let's see what it's all like.

Because the water here is very cool, namely the water from the Lhokgop mountains in the Uleegle Pidiejaya area. There are lots of large rocks along this river. This is very natural.

Some of our people go by car to carry cooking equipment and there are also those who use motorbikes, namely our boss.

As soon as we arrived at our destination, we immediately unloaded all the cooking equipment and we helped each other to start the fire.

We also bring rice that has been cooked in advance, you also provide cold drinks to eat with the rice with a side dish of goat curry which is cooked here. Our tiredness disappeared instantly. And there were three children who came with us and we bathed together here.

We shower together while cleaning all the used equipment while showering together

Here are some pictures that I can show to all my friends, I hope you like them.

I took all the pictures above myself using my personal smartphone, Samsung A022F. And I use Indonesian with Google translation. If there is a mistake in pronunciation please forgive me. Greetings to all of us.

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