Enjoying an excellent carambola juice


Hello, friends. Today I want to share with you a delicious juice that I just made. It turns out that a few days ago I was given a jar full of carambolas, those exotic star-shaped fruits that I love. I thought about making a sweet with these fruits, but since I have never tasted them, I didn't know if I would like them, so I decided to make the juice.

First, I had to make sure the carambolas were at their peak of ripeness. So I left them for a few days waiting for them to ripen well and be ready.








IMG_20231216_160458.jpg IMG_20231216_161029.jpg
IMG_20231216_161049.jpg IMG_20231216_161444.jpg IMG_20231216_161552.jpg

I took out six carambolas, thinking I would use them. However, in the end I ended up using only five. After washing them, I cut off the ends and divided them into three parts to make it easier for my blender.

With the basic ingredients in hand, which in this case were:

5 carambolas 80 grams of sugar 1 liter of water

I set about blending. I then strained it, making sure to remove any solid residue.


IMG_20231216_162522.jpg IMG_20231216_162542.jpg

The result is impressive: I obtained about 1 1/4 liters of soda approximately, after straining it. Once it was done, I poured it into a glass, added some ice cubes and got ready to enjoy my creation.


This carambola juice turned out delicious. So good, that my wife, who normally prefers to eat them as fruits, couldn't resist trying it. I decorated her glass with a slice of this versatile fruit, giving it a visual touch that made it even more appetizing.

A simple culinary experience, but full of flavor and fun. If you have the opportunity to get your hands on fresh carambolas, don't hesitate to try this amazing juice.


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