Let There Be More Light


The city is lit with a few installations throughout the downtown zone. While I usually post photography in the Photography Lovers community, I thought that these artistic pieces were also fit for aliens.


The look out tower is a prominent landmark visible from almost anywhere around the downtown core. It has been illuminated with the colours of the season. From the angle in the photograph, one can see the Waterfront Skytrain station (brown building) located beside the harbour.


This bear was placed beside one of the city’s most iconic landmarks, Canada Place. A fire dance performance was taking place when I was there.

Christmas0006.jpgFire Dancers


There were many people out and about taking in the sights and immortalizing their experience with photographs, so it was difficult to take clean shots of some installations. The following sign, for instance, was particularly tricky because there were was a line-up/free-for-all happening around it. I waited a few minutes for the sign to clear of people, but it was a lost cause. So, I just went for it and took the shot. Cheers to these lovely ladies, wherever they are.


We haven't had any snow at all this season, and the much desired "white Christmas" did not materialize.


These snowflakes stands against the background of the dark ocean, and the city of North Van on the other side.

These intriguing pieces of a wolf pair and their cubs have a combination of wire-frame and solid sculptural details.


The camera captured enough light to show some of the facial features of the wolves. In reality, the lights in the wireframes overwhelmed the features with shadows, so it was not so easy to discern the details, but they were cool nevertheless.

Christmas0012.jpg Squirrel and beaver


All you need is LOVE, and you can find it near Cardero street. This installation was a bit out of the way, so there weren’t many people trying to take their photograph.


Christmas0016.jpg "I'm on a boat, yo!"


A family of penguins. I was going to say that these installations showcased local wildlife, but there are no pinguins in this province, as far as I'm aware. I’m actually surprised about the straightforward design of these installations. Sometimes the art in this city can be ‘edgy’, creepy, or loaded with political antics. This time around, it was just a creative endeavor with crafty artistic flair.

Images by @litguru

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