Greetings everyone, designing work is fun and interesting in every stage of it. It happens to be one of the things I find exciting to produce. Moreover, fashion is an everyday lifestyle, and looking good is always a good business.

I started sewing gowns for myself because I was sick of not being able to find anything I liked in stores. I also wanted to be able to wear something unique that nobody else had. Sewing my own gowns allowed me to be creative and design something that was completely MY style. It was also a lot cheaper than buying designer gowns. I didn’t have to spend a fortune on a dress that I was only going to wear once or twice. I could make as many gowns as I wanted for the same price as one designer dress. Sewing my own gowns also gave me a sense of accomplishment. It was satisfying to be able to look in the mirror and see a dress that I had made with my own two hands.


I love sewing gowns for myself because it allows me to be creative and express my personality. It's also a great way to save money, since I can make my own clothes instead of buying them. Sewing is a skillset that I'm proud to have, and it's always satisfying to see a finished product that I created with my own two hands.

Plus, sewing gowns is just plain fun. I get to choose my own fabrics and designs, and no two gowns are ever the same. Every gown I make is a unique reflection of my own style. And when I wear one of my gowns out in public, I always get compliments from strangers. It's nice to know that my hard work is appreciated by others. So why do I love sewing gowns for myself? Because it's creative, it saves money


WHO IS A FASHION DESIGNER? A designer should be an artistic and creative person that has to be good at drawing and able to express his or her ideas in sketches. Fashion designers also have to be able to work with fabrics and use textiles in a creative and original manner. They also have to be interested in learning new things every day and read magazines and books on fashion design history, new trends, and fashion market requirements.
In this article, I will be highlighting how I made a simple gown for myself. Materials I used to produce the gown are fabric, scissors or fabric shears, thread, bias, tiny rubber, iron, and a sewing machine.


The fabric I am going to use for the gown is commonly used in this part of the country to make a particular maxi gown which we commonly call Bubu gown over here but as for me, I decided to make mine different from everyone. I want to explain the type of scissors I use, this scissors am talking about is mainly used by male tailors or designers in this part of the country, over here female designers use the smaller dressmaking shears or scissors with rubber handle because they find the bigger fabric shears difficult to use. Most people are astonished when they see me use it as a female. The type of machine I am using is a manual machine because that is the one I have for now.

HOW I CUT THE FABRIC: My first step was cutting the front and back fabric of my gown, and then the hands which took me some minutes to accomplish, then after that I went on to the second step of the production of my gown.



SEWING OF THE GOWN: The second step was stitching the fabric together with my machine which involves joining the shoulders together and then sewing the hands together to the armhole, after that I stitched the tiny rubber on the wrist part of the hands I joined together, and I stitched from the hand straight down of both sides, I stitched the neck together with bias, folded it in and stitched round the neck from the outside of the fabric, and finally, I folded the edge of the hands and down of the gown.



IRONING OF THE GOWN: When ironing, am always very careful not to burn clothes with my iron, then I placed my gown on my ironing table and switch on the socket I plugged my iron to heat for some seconds before ironing. I started ironing from the down of my gown carefully to the neck and to the hands. Here is the picture of my concluded gown.

CONCLUSION: In conclusion to my work, my gown came out well and its fitting on me was absolutely beautiful, I went out putting it on today and people admired it and I got new clients that want me to make that same gown for them. My co-community members hope you too like my gown, please comment and share your thoughts on what you think about my lovely gown. Thank you all.


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