My first time dining at Saizeriya, a Japanese chain in Taiwan.


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I previously shared some of my food experiences during my May visit to my husband in Taiwan. It could be the different types of, in which really tasted good aside from cheaper compare in my country. Then here the that I tried not only once but Both was indeed enjoyable and how I wish there were restaurant like that here. Yet, most of the time, it would be eat all you can that I am not fond of. Aside from it being expensive, I am a moderately heavy eater. Likely, it feels like the money spent was not worth it, lol!

Thus, today, as I scrolled through my laptop, I saw some photos from when we dined for lunch at Saizeriya Taipei. Our companion introduced this to us as they say this originated in Japan.


To confirm, I checked google now, and it says;

It is a Japanese chain but an Italian-style restaurant. Also, it has branches in China, Taiwan and Singapore.

Let us eat here so we can feel a glimpse of Japan. She jokily said. The other day, we paid for our lunch as a token of gratitude, but then this couple felt like they owed us something, so they still insisted it was their treat.

With that, I felt too shy to order and look for what was cheaper on the menu 😆. They say that steak here tastes good and is not that expensive, but since I am not that fan of meat, I told the husband to order and then get only a slice later. For me, I chose chicken and pizza.

While waiting for our order, we decided to explore the drinks. Usual, it is unlimited! I was a little bit sleepy, so I decided to have a cup of coffee.


While waiting for my cup to be filled, I was silently wandering why it was so messy. I mean, the distance between the cup and where the liquid came out was not ideal. Then it seemed the other tourist heard me, and he pulled it down! Oh, Goodness, forgive me for being ignorant.😂


See the results? 😅 I was a little bit unlucky as it ran out of milk. Anyway, it's fine; this is enough to wake up my senses.

Besides, I am eyeing getting some soft drinks.


Just like other restaurants we dine in, only the food you order will be served to you. The rest you need is self-service. Everything was just in a corner at your disposal.


Just a portion of it was captured as I felt too shy to take photos. There were a lot of customers.

Finally, our orders arrived just in time, as my stomach was already grumbling.


It looked devouring, though, so I told the husband to slice it as I wanted to have a taste.


They were indeed right! It was worth it to order! Mouthwatering and, of course, your choice if you wanted to have rice, as it already had some potatoes for a side dish. We are Asians, so rice is life.


As for me, I regretted ordering rice as this alone, I was so full already! With potatoes and corn, who wouldn't? Plus, this hotdog, was meaty! However, since I was trained not to waste food, I ate it all! Thankful I am wearing a dress, not denim jeans!


Now, my problem was how I would eat my pizza. It might be a solo size; no more space left on my tummy! In this case, hubby was on the rescue. Oftentimes, he would reprimand me as I am only fond or ordering food but unable to eat it all. Ended him finishing what was on my plate 🤣


And here, this couple is also offering me some pizza 🤣. I really appreciate it, but I have to decline.

Told them to take time eating while I enjoyed drinking some juice. (I already forgot what flavor)


Overall, I could say it was indeed worth it to dine at Saizeriya. The food was great, plus not that expensive.

By the way, I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Wishing everyone's heart was filled with joy as we celebrate Holidays.


Lead image was edited using Canva All photos are mine otherwise stated Footer credit to Sensiblecast

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