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Tonight I'm going to write about favorite movie, although i don't see much movie in my life as compare to the books i read. I read more books and watch less movie. But still some movies are my favorite and it takes almost 10 minutes to decide that about which movie i want to share with you.

  • Actually it's all about the topic which was given to us by ecency support community. It's about favourite movie.

My favorite movie

I watch only a few movies because mostly i spend my time by watching this movie again and again ๐Ÿ˜‚ stuck to single thing isn't good, we should try other or next too but i stuck to this movie.


This movie was released in 1997, it's a drama and story is little romantic because of love. It's a presentation of true incident of titanic which held in 1912 when titanic sank and almost 1500 people died due to this incident. It's a story of a girl name Rose who belong to well and noble family and she's engaged to someone but then she met with an artist who belong to a normal family and his name was jack. She met with her on titanic when he see his artistic diary. She invited her on the dinner which is just for noble people although her mother doesn't like her this behavior.


One night Rose want to attempt the suicide by jumping into the sea from the edge of titanic and than accidentally jack came there and stopped her by doing this, and try to feel the air and beauty of darkness and nature at that edge. Than she start to met with jack and her mother warn her to not met with jack but she constantly met with him. Even when titanic sank, the people who belong to rich and noble family try to move on small boat's but at that time Rose prefer to stay with jack. When that disaster stop than rose open her eye in the land safe and sound but jack was freezing in ice water, a police man asked rose to her name and she didn't told her original name and she changed her name because she wants to live according to her will not according to her family.

Why i like this movie??

Mostly i like that type of movies which are full of adventure and of little love and joy. And that part attract me the most that in movie rose told her story to some people which happened to her on titanic when she turned to almost 100. And after 100 year's she still had necklace which jack gave to her but at the last she dropped that into the sea.

  • I don't know whether you people watch it or not?? Tell me in comment if you also watched this movie as it's very famous movie. And tell me about your reviews this movie.

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