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Born: October 30, 1931 – Died: January 13, 2017

Dick Gautier, a distinguished https://inleo.io/@leoglossary/leoglossary-actor-actress and https://inleo.io/@leoglossary/leoglossary-writer, was born in Culver City, California, USA. His life began on October 30, 1931, marking the start of a journey that would lead him to become a notable figure in the https://inleo.io/@leoglossary/leoglossary-entertainment industry.

Early Life and Career

Gautier's entry into the https://inleo.io/@leoglossary/leoglossary-entertainment-industry was marked by various roles, but his first significant professional engagement remains unrecorded. His major breakthrough came with his https://inleo.io/@leoglossary/leoglossary-role in "Get Smart" (1965), where he played the beloved https://inleo.io/@leoglossary/leoglossary-character-film Hymie. This role not only showcased his talent but also had a profound impact on his career trajectory.

He gained widespread recognition for his work in "The Transformers" (1984) as the voice of Rodimus Prime, Hot Rod, and Sweep. This role, along with his work in "G.I. Joe" (1985), cemented his status in the world of voice https://inleo.io/@leoglossary/leoglossary-acting. His portrayal of these https://inleo.io/@leoglossary/leoglossary-character-film demonstrated his versatility and ability to connect with https://inleo.io/@leoglossary/leoglossary-audience of all ages.

Throughout his career, Gautier received accolades for his performances, although specific awards are not detailed. His contributions to the industry extend beyond acting to writing and producing, highlighting his multifaceted talents.

In his personal life, Gautier was https://inleo.io/@leoglossary/leoglossary-marriage thrice, to Tess Hightower, Barbara Stuart, and Beverly J. Gerber. He had a child, Rand Gautier. Besides acting, he was a talented artist and authored several https://inleo.io/@leoglossary/leoglossary-book- on drawing and cartooning, showcasing his artistic versatility.

Dick Gautier passed away on January 13, 2017, in Arcadia, California, following a long illness. His legacy in https://inleo.io/@leoglossary/leoglossary-hollywood-film-industry is marked by his unique ability to bring characters to life through his voice and comedic timing. His work, especially in iconic shows and animations, made him a beloved figure in the entertainment industry. Gautier is remembered as an icon who brought joy and laughter to many, making a lasting impression with his diverse talents.


Year Title Role
2010 Nip/Tuck (TV Series) Marshall Ayers
2004 You Animal (Short) Alfred Claggart (voice)
2000 Timeline (Video Game) (voice)
1999 Tonka Construction 2 (Video Game) Dirk
1997–1999 Cow and Chicken (TV Series) Butts | Rhode Island Red | Red's Dad (voice)
1999 I Am Weasel (TV Series) Red's Dad | Barber
1998 Detective Barbie: Mystery of the Carnival Caper (Video Game) Bert (voice, as Richard Gautier)
1996 Tonka Construction (Video Game) Derk (voice)
1995–1996 Captain Planet and the Planeteers (TV Series) Misc. Fans and Boaters | Oakey Pinehead | Okey Pinehead (voice)
1996 Dumb and Dumber (TV Series) Announcer | Gargle | Dagnabbit
1993 The Addams Family (TV Series) Additional Voices (voice)
1991–1993 The Pirates of Dark Water (TV Series) Additional Voices (voice)
1993 The Golden Palace (TV Series) Bobby Lee (as Richard Gautier)
1992 Silk Stalkings (TV Series) Sonny Carlisle
1990–1992 Tom & Jerry Kids Show (TV Series) Spike (voice)
1992 Garfield and Friends (TV Series) (voice)
1992 The Naked Truth The Bartender
1992 Batman: The Animated Series (TV Series) Teddy (voice)
1991 The Munsters Today (TV Series) Manny Glickstein (as Richard Gautier)
1990 Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures (TV Series) Additional Voices (voice)
1990 Midnight Patrol: Adventures in the Dream Zone (TV Series) (voice)
1990 Wake, Rattle & Roll (TV Series) Malcolm Milkem (1990) (voice)
1988–1990 Charles in Charge (TV Series) Karl Higler | Harry Hileman
1989 Freddy's Nightmares (TV Series) Charlie Nichels
1988–1989 A Pup Named Scooby-Doo (TV Series) Mr. Dilton | Ghost of Purvis Parker | Additional Voices (voice)
1985–1989 The Smurfs (TV Series) Additional Voices | Wooly Smurf (voice)
1989 Get Smart, Again! (TV Movie) Hymie
1988 The New Yogi Bear Show (TV Series) Additional Voices (voice, as Richard Gautier)
1988 Glitch! Julius Lazar
1984–1988 Murder, She Wrote (TV Series) Chaz Crewe | Mike Dupont
1988 We Got It Made (TV Series) (as Richard Gautier)
1987–1988 She's the Sheriff (TV Series) Special Agent Baker (as Richard Gautier)
1987 DuckTales (TV Series) Boll Weevil (voice)
1986–1987 Foofur (TV Series) Louis (voice)
1986–1987 The Transformers (TV Series) Hot Rod | Apeface | Firebolt (voice) ...
1987 Matlock (TV Series) Bobby Freemont
1987 Yogi's Treasure Hunt (TV Series) Additional Voices (voice)
1987 Sky Commanders (TV Series) Mordax (voice)
1987 G.I. Joe: The Movie (Video) Serpentor (voice)
1986 InHumanoids: The Movie (Video) Pyre | Crygen | Magnakor (voice, as Richard Gautier)
1986 InHumanoids (TV Series) Pyre | Crygen | George Landisburg (voice) ...
1986 G.I. Joe (TV Series) Serpentor | Bon Appétit Lacarre | Buck McCann (voice)
1986 Life with Lucy (TV Series) Fred Dunlap
1986 Wildfire (TV Series) Horse (voice)
1986 Transformers: Five Faces of Darkness (Video) Rodimus Prime | Sweep (voice)
1986 G.I. Joe: Arise, Serpentor, Arise! (TV Movie) Serpentor (voice)
1986 The New Adventures of Jonny Quest (TV Series) Additional Voices (voice, as Richard Gautier)
1986 Daniel and the Lion's Den (Video) (voice)
1986 GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords Brimstone | Bugsie | Klaws (voice, as Richard Gautier) ...
1985–1986 Galtar and the Golden Lance (TV Series) Additional Voices (voice, as Richard Gautier)
1986 New Love, American Style (TV Series) (as Richard Gautier)
1985 The Greatest Adventure: Stories from the Bible (TV Series) (voice)
1985 Challenge of the GoBots (TV Series) Sky Jack (voice, as Richard Gautier)
1985 This Wife for Hire (TV Movie) Howard Greer (as Richard Gautier)
1983–1985 Alice (TV Series) Ted Marshall | Capt. Sacks
1984 Knight Rider (TV Series) J. Gordon Baxter, aka 'The Chameleon'
1980–1984 Fantasy Island (TV Series) Gordon Mills | Mike Collins | Denny Palumbo
1984 Goodnight, Beantown (TV Series) (as Richard Gautier)
1983 Masquerade (TV Series) Al Cargur
1983 Copper Mountain (TV Movie) Sonny Silverton (as Richard Gautier)
1983 Zorro and Son (TV Series) El Excellente
1983 Quincy M.E. (TV Series) Hal Bonner
1981 Trapper John, M.D. (TV Series) Andrew Ridley | Jake Donovan
1981 Too Close for Comfort (TV Series) Rich Holland
1981 Happy Days (TV Series) Dr. Ludlow | Mad Scientist
1980 Charlie's Angels (TV Series) Barry Kingsbrook
1980 Marathon (TV Movie) Bud
1978–1979 The Love Boat (TV Series) John Hurley | Curt Stansell
1979 Mrs. Columbo (TV Series) Arthur
1979 Eischied (TV Series) Delios
1979 Stockard Channing in Just Friends (TV Series) (as Richard Gautier)
1979 Sweepstakes (TV Series) Victor (as Richard Gautier)
1978 Flying High (TV Series) Bill Wilson
1978 The Eddie Capra Mysteries (TV Series) Unknown
1978 Man from Atlantis (TV Series) Duke
1978 Wonder Woman (TV Series) Cagliostro
1977 Mulligan's Stew (TV Series) Dempsey
1977 Insight (TV Series) Buddy Barton
1977 Sex and the Married Woman (TV Movie) Louie Grosscup (as Richard Gautier)
1977 Kingston: Confidential (TV Series) Clay Farnham
1977 Billy Jack Goes to Washington Governor Hopper
1977 The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries (TV Series) Tail Gunner
1977 Switch (TV Series) Rafe Kelso
1977 Fun with Dick and Jane Dr. Will
1977 Benny and Barney: Las Vegas Undercover (TV Movie) Will Dawson (as Richard Gautier)
1976 Good Heavens (TV Series) Rod
1976 Marcus Welby, M.D. (TV Series) Vince Dager
1975 When Things Were Rotten (TV Series) Robin Hood | Gregor
1975 The Manchu Eagle Murder Caper Mystery Oscar Cornell
1974 Kolchak: The Night Stalker (TV Series) Mel Tarter
1974 The Rockford Files (TV Series) Carl Brego
1974 The New Temperatures Rising Show (TV Series) Billy Joe
1974 Thursday's Game (TV Movie) John (as Richard Gautier)
1974 Hawkins (TV Series) Scotti
1974 Diana (TV Series) Benton Fowler (as Richard Gautier)
1973 Banacek (TV Series) Mario Fratelli
1973 The Mary Tyler Moore Show (TV Series) Ed Cavanaugh
1971–1973 Love, American Style (TV Series) Robert Herridan (segment "Love and the Fractured Fibula") | (segment "Love and the Sexpert") | Bill (segment "Love and the Security Building") ...
1973 Here We Go Again (TV Series) Jerry Standish (as Richard Gautier)
1972 Black Jack Diver (as Richard Gautier)
1972 Honeymoon Suite (TV Series) (as Richard Gautier)
1971 The Doris Day Show (TV Series) Omar | Joe Garrison
1969 The Debbie Reynolds Show (TV Series) Joel Nimitz (as Richard Gautier)
1969 The Flying Nun (TV Series) Bruce
1966–1968 Get Smart (TV Series) Hymie
1968 Maryjane Bearded prisoner (uncredited)
1967 Divorce American Style Larry Strickland
1967 Mr. Terrific (TV Series) Hal Walters
1967 Love on a Rooftop (TV Series) Ben
1966 Bewitched (TV Series) Aubert
1966 The Patty Duke Show (TV Series) Gate Garrison
1965 Gidget (TV Series) Mark Hillman
1964 The Baileys of Balboa (TV Series) Tani
1964 Ensign Pulver Stefanowski (as Richard Gautier)
1963 The Eleventh Hour (TV Series) Ollie Merrill
1956–1957 Stanley (TV Series) Audience Member | Audience member | Party Guest (uncredited) ...


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