Goldman Sachs - Company that Ruled the World (2023 Documentary)


Goldman Sachs' journey to

• Marcus Goldman, a Jewish immigrant, started his career in 1886, offering to small at a discount. This led to the creation of, the beginning of the industry. •, a riskier financing firm, was established in 1896. • The firm's was shared among five partners by 1896. • Goldman Sachs' grew to selling around 30 million dollars in commercial papers per year. • To expand, the firm began taking companies public, or IPOs, in the late 19th century. • Goldman Sachs partnered with the to underwrite 30 million dollars of Common Stocks and 10 million dollars of for Sears. • The led to the firm becoming a prominent on Wall Street by 1914. • Goldman Sachs' senior partner Henry Goldman was invited to become a designer for the U.S • After profiting from issuing stocks and, Goldman Sachs needed to reinvest its • The Roaring 20s, a cyclical business, was a perfect opportunity for Goldman Sachs to capitalize on. • Goldman Sachs formed a trading, selling more shares to the public at 10 times the, raising 93 million dollars and their original


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