Monomad: Panorpa Helena



This is my entry for the daily #monomad challenge

The rain never stopped so that several houses began to be submerged in water. In December, everyone was worried about the situation they were experiencing, both farmers and fishermen could not carry out their activities due to unfavorable weather conditions.  In the rainy season, many farmers have to let go of their crops experiencing crop failure, with this condition they have to rack their brains to find other ways to make some money to meet their family's needs.

The rain also made it impossible for me to look for several photography objects, because with these conditions the road I was on would have a lot of mud which would make the road flooded everywhere.  Finally I looked for some photos in the smartphone gallery and I found a very beautiful insect that I had never posted, this insect has yellow and black spots on both wings and looks very beautiful and charming.  I immediately thought of sharing this insect in a monochromatic image, so that the image looks very charming, here are some insect photos that I managed to capture using a smartphone and I want to share with friends in the black and white community.






These are the results of my photography work that I can share in my post today, I hope all my friends like it. See you again in my next post. Thank You

Author : @lensbong

Categori Macrophotography
Location Aceh - Lhokseumawe
Camera Poco f3 + Macro Lens
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