IAAC DAY #439 // Always be grateful for your life


You need to be grateful in any situation you find yourself, you tell someone till tomorrow yesterday night but this morning they are no more they are dead. We all have plans of what we want to do this morning and those that died also have plans. You see someone this morning and exchanged good morning greetings but before the night come they are also no more, they won't be carry out the plan they have for tonight.

Don't take the privilege given to for granted before you know it everything can change but because you are still alive you think it by your power, no it's just the grace given to you by Almighty. So always be grateful, forgive those who offend you often, show love to your loved ones and with all your heart because that chance might not come again.

I can't take the God grace for granted that is why I'm always grateful the gift of life, Thank God I am alive.

Thanks to @flaxz for the initiative of #iamalivechalleng.

Thanks for checking on my blog and have a wonderful day

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