Participants in the automatic draws of the SORT token ~ Week 50 ~


News of the week:

  • Improving day by day could be titled this week. And we continue to improve our profits for the SORT token. We have a little sales pressure and our liquidity has decreased. I am looking for solutions to improve this because I understand that any user should be able to log out at any time they want. On Friday there is a new dividend distribution so keep an eye on your wallets. The market, for its part, seems to be improving a little; we will see if it is confirmed and manages to emerge upwards, giving us all joy. Let's also hope that this time Hive continues on the market and does not remain stagnant.
  • We have started to accept HP delegations to the @lasort account to distribute SORT. We have already received 623 delegated HP and this, together with our organic growth, means that we are already at 2,000 HP of voting power.
  • Our pool management is possibly what makes the difference to achieve great returns and it is working excellently.
  • We are starting to do opportunistic arbitrage to improve performance.
  • We launch the Stardom Play Cards raffle, which is a fantastic game that we recommend.
  • Investments are working very well and there are very good options on the market.
  • New tokens sold means more voting power and better prizes coming soon.
  • This week we have added some Card specials Stardom Play so you can do the missions.
  • We continue to grow week by week and improve the prizes.
  • Increase our voting power

The raffles begin and I wish all the participants good luck.

Remember that you have a ticket for every 10 SORT tokens and that the winners will be announced throughout the week with their respective publications.



First draw

  • 4 HSBI shares

Second draw (nfts)

  • EC1 Tripod
  • EC10 Chair
  • EC13 Extension
  • EC2 Light
  • EC4 Reflector

Third Draw

  • 200 CCD
  • 0,10 PWR
  • 6 ALIVE

The prizes will increase week by week as the token gains traction.

If you like draws and you like to receive dividends, the token that has everything "SORT" has arrived. 1 Ticket for every 10 Sort Tokens Gives the right to participate in multiple raffles without the need to sign up. You can purchase your Sort tokens here:

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