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Student life was a really good time for me, and it really helped me realize how strong I am. Despite handling academics pretty well, I was able to do some side hustles that helped me to be independent to some extent.I barely bothered my parents for money, except if it was very necessary. I sold perfume and underwear, and I also did lots of catering work. My cakes made me famous because they were very affordable for students, and I made cool cash.My perfume business was struggling back then because of competition, but backing out wasn't an option for me. I love challenges and won't give up, especially when I know that there is a chance of success, even if it's little.UnsplashWhile roaming about hostels with my goods, I met a lady who was also a student but older than me. She wanted to patronize me but claimed that my products were too expensive."It's not expensive, and the difference between my buying and selling price is very little. You won't believe it." I tried persuading her to buy from me, but she insisted that there are students who sell these perfumes at a cheaper price.I became worried because it wasn't the first time someone told me the same thing."Could my vendor be cheating me?" I thought about this several times and mustered the courage to approach one of the students who sells perfume in another department.We spoke for a while, and I shared my struggles with her, hoping that she would help me by sharing her vendor contact/information, but that wasn't the case. She didn't say anything, and I tried keeping up with her for a while just to find a solution to my problem.Weeks passed and this lady didn't give me a hint or clue, so I gave up on her, but it wasn't the end of me seeking a solution to my price problem.I have come across different perfume sellers online, so I thought of chatting them up to ask for their prices to see the difference."Good evening, please I want to make inquiries about the wholesale prices of your perfumes." I texted multiple perfume sellers, hoping to get a response from at least one of them, and it finally came."Good evening; this is Abundance perfume. We deal in different kinds of perfume...

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Chioma arrived in Magabi town for her National Youth Service Corps some months after completing her university program. She is one of the best students in the medicine department, and a lot of people admire her.Chioma was famous not just for being an intelligent student but also for the fact that she doesn't eat chicken because she is allergic to it. As a new student, many people didn't believe her story at the university until someone blended chicken and made a snack out of it for her. She ignorantly ate it after being convinced that the snack was free of chicken. Her body was covered with rashes in less than 10 minutes, and they were so severe that she ended up in the hospital. Chioma wouldn't allow the doctors to run any checks on her, and when she recovered a bit, she made it clear that it was an allergy passed on from the older generation to her. "Are you sure Magabi is okay with you? I can call my friend in the ministry of education to help change your location to a better place." Chioma's mom, Mrs. Lauren, expressed her concern about her daughter traveling to a village where civilization has barely reached. "I am fine, mom. It's just a year, and Magabi is the best place where I can practice. There are very few hospitals there, and I could be of help," Chioma replied. "You don't understand me! There is hardly network, no good roads, and no water; the place is just not okay," Mrs. Lauren replied. "Mom! It's okay; I can take care of myself. I truly want to go there," Chioma replied. "Maybe I should involve your father because you won't listen to me," Mrs. Lauren said, and she grabbed her phone immediately. She put a call across to Mr. Ameachi, Chioma's father, despite the daughter begging her to keep it a secret between them. "I won't be part of your scheme," Mrs. Lauren said to Chioma while expecting her husband to pick up the call. "Hello! Honey, I am still busy at work. Let me call you back shortly," Mr. Ameachi said, immediately after picking up the call. "Okay! Call me back as soon as you can," she replied, turning back to her daughter. "Mom, if you won't let me go to Magabi, I won't practice this profession. I will rather embrace dancing," Chioma threatened her mother. "How dare you?" Mrs. Lauren replied and eventually had a deep conversation with he

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"Can you accompany me to Lekan's place?" Aminat, my childhood friend asked and I froze for some seconds.I didn't know what response to give her because I didn't know she was in a serious relationship. She once told me about Lekan, but I thought he was just a crush.We were just in SS2, and relationship was the last thing on my mind, so I wasn't expecting such from Aminat."Ehn, what did you say?" I asked, and Aminat repeated herself."Are you out of your mind?" I yelled at her."What? It's just a visit, and I don't want to go alone," she yelled back at me."Okay, I am not part of this. I want to leave now," I replied, and she held me back."Sorry now, his mom wants to attend a party on Saturday, and she won't be back until night. Going together will guarantee my safety," Aminat said softly."Really? You know it's not safe and still want to go," I asked."We won't stay long," she replied, and after much persuasion, I agreed to follow her."But we have to be fast," I reminded her after reaching an agreement about the meeting.UnsplashOn Saturday morning, I went to Aminat's place after completing everything I needed to do at my place. She lived a few streets away from my place, and since our parents know each other, visiting at any time of the day wasn't a problem.Aminat was done with her chores, and I waited in the living room while she freshened up."How is your mother?" Aminat Mom asked me while I was waiting."She's fine with me. She left for work while I was coming here," I replied."Okay. My regards to her when she returns," she replied, leaving the living room."That reminds me; your friend said you have a practical in school. Please face your studies," Aminat Mom said to me as she returned."Okay, ma," I replied, and I started wondering what practical Aminat told her mom.She finished dressing up and joined me in the living room."You lied to your mom," I whispered, immediately she sat beside me."Shsss, that's the only thing that would make me leave this house. Let's go," she replied.We left the house, and I wasn't happy about Aminat lying because I t

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"Can what?" Anabel stuttered and slumped immediately after Marvin broke the news about Lucy.Anabel's colleagues immediately rushed her to the sickbay, where she regained consciousness after a few minutes."I need to go somewhere, right? It's important. Please tell HR." Anabel got out of bed but was held back by the company's nurse."It's dangerous to go about in this state, Mrs. Anabel. You should still get some rest." The nurse tried making her stay in bed, but Anabel wouldn't listen.She rushed out of the sickbay into her car and sped out of the company premises in a hurry. Marvin has tried reaching Anabel several times, but she left her phone at work while rushing.Anabel arrived home and met Lucy, looking uncheerful. The thought of losing her to cancer crossed her mind, and tears welled up in her eyes."I won't lose you, Lucy. It wouldn't happen," Anabel said softly as she patted Lucy."The vet said her case is severe and Lucy might not live up to a week. He also said that she is in pain that's why she can't run around as usual," Marvin said while stretching the vet report about Lucy's condition.Anabel took the sheet and scanned through it within a minute."I am so sorry, I didn't know you were going through all of this. I am sorry." Anabel continued patting Lucy after wiping her tears.Lucy was lying on her favorite spot in the living room, looking very weak, and Anabel couldn't prevent herself from remembering the past.It's been eight years since Anabel found a puppy sitting in her garage. The little dog was injured, and she quickly rushed her to the vet clinic.It took more than two weeks for the puppy to fully recover, and after it did, Anabel went around the neighborhood, asking if anyone was the owner of the puppy, but only one claimed it.UnsplashAnabel adopted the puppy and named her Lucy in memory of a friend she lost a few weeks before she found the puppy. She took care of Lucy wholeheartedly, and they became best friends immediately. Their bond was so strong that Anabel ended her relationship when her boyfriend started complaining about Anabel dedicating

· 1. May 2024

Love remains the missing ingredient in all that is needed to make the world a beautiful place for every human. We are blessed with money, mineral resources, knowledge, and lots of other things we need to have a beautiful world, but the absence of just one thing called "love" is why the world is still what it is today.UnsplashCall out 99% of the world to speak about love, and their response would mainly be about couples, how a man should love his wife, and vice versa. We only think of romance when anyone mentions love around just because we have misunderstood what the feeling actually symbolizes.We always forget that love doesn't end with just lovers; it extends beyond whatever a man and woman share between themselves.We can't ignore the feeling of love between siblings, friends, family, and others, but that shouldn't be the end of it all. The world is capable of many great things, but the absence of love is why there are just a few good things happening around the world.I misplaced my purse two weeks ago and was stranded at the Lagos garage in Ogun State. It was one of the situations I don't like finding myself in because asking around for help is not an easy task. I looked around the motorpack and pleaded that a woman lend me her phone to reach out to my family because I was still heading to Lagos. Her reaction was something I still see when I close my eyes, and it wasn't something I expected.There are many men in the park, but approaching a woman was the only thing on my mind because I know how funny men can be sometimes and I don't like taking advantage of being a lady.I shamelessly dragged myself away from the woman, unaware that a man was looking. He approached me and asked what was wrong, so I explained my situation.Without asking any questions, he handed me some cash and told me to head back home because God doesn't want me to embark on the trip and I shouldn't force it. I was speechless and didn't know what to do other than take the money and return home since I was going just for a visit.That act of love is something that should be practiced by every human,