First rendering! <3


Hello my dear bloggers! As you may have already read, today i am sharing my first render drawing! (Im not so sure of how to really say it lol) hope you enjoy!

So, to start of as always, i made this drawing since ive alawys had the "fear" of rendering/adding details to them since it could either ruin them or just take a lot of time to do since i never did it before, but somehow i decided to try to do it and it turned out pretty nice(imo) for my pretty first time doing this! obviously, this is not completely rendered, the part thats most "detailed" is the skin part since im still finding out how to actually render the hair, but next time i render my artwork i will make sure to at least try to render it lol

Without any further ado, here is the drawing! (before, after render)

42 sin título_20231225195101.png

42 sin título.png

If anny reccomendations, please leave them down bellow :)

Hope you liked my drawing, take care and see you next time! Thanks for reading!


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