Merry Christmas: Once My family is happy, I'm happy


Greetings everyone!

I remember some weeks ago when I made my plans for Christmas... I drafted out some ear-tickling activities, and the first one was to travel home very early to have better relaxation from the all-year bustle and hustles. But as it is now, it turned out to be a case of "easier said than done."

At the moment of writing this, I'm on my bed at my base (I didn't travel), and that's due to how last week's hustle was choky and it scattered my plans for traveling. It's still fine; I'm not feeling bad, even though it looks like all my plans for Christmas have been least the disorganizing came with some cents to cover it up.

Nevertheless, I've had time to take some necessary actions, which I consider the first on the list, and that's SENDING FUNDS HOME to support the expenses.

I have very wonderful parents; they're so understanding to the extent that I don't get billings from them, because they also know that things have not really fallen into place with me. However, as a guy who's away from home and hustling, wisdom demands that I put a smile on their faces to make them belong to those who have received Christmas gifts from their children.

Two days ago, I gathered some money in my account and collected a little portion from my Hive earnings, converted it to fiat, and sent it to my dad's account. After that, I called him to check his account in case he hadn't seen a notification, and I also told him to give my mom half the money.

I intentionally added the portion from Hive earnings for them to *eat money from hive money, and when they pray for me, it'll reflect on my hive earnings, hence increasing my earnings. Lol

Hey! They were joyful and started pleading for my presence on Christmas day, which I gave them an inconclusive answer.

Immediately after my dad dropped the phone call, my siblings rushed in to call me. They've heard that I sent money to parents, so they're requesting theirs. My siblings are such that even when they're given a gift now, they'll still request another one once I visit home. I smartly maneuvered their pleas and promised them to attend to their request when I visits home. | Designed on canva

Sending such funds has given my heart so much peace, and though I'm not currently at the village with them, I feel like I'm connected with them on a full scale.

I might not be able to go home due to uncertain work demands. However, I wouldn't feel guilty; in fact, I'd feel relaxed. Knowing I've supported my family financially matters most in today's tough economy. The high transportation costs also play a role in my decision. Despite not being physically present, contributing to my family's well-being brings me a sense of fulfillment. It's a recognition that, in challenging times, providing financial stability holds significant value. So, if I can't make the journey home, I find solace in the understanding that my support extends beyond physical presence, making a positive impact where it matters most.

Thanks for reading

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