Happy Christmas Hive!


Today has been great so far. We woke up around 9 o'clock and decided to bring the baby downstairs, rather than giving him his bottle in bed as usual.

He was in a pretty cranky mood, but once he had a drink and a change he was okay, and then he was really happy the moment he saw his gifts.


Opening His Pressies

So, had had opened a few small things yesterday. People bought him some stuff, and since they wouldn't see him today, they wanted us to open them so they could see his reaction.

Surprisingly enough, he was able to get the hang of opening the gifts, although, when he had some paper in hand he seemed more interested in that, than what was inside the wrapping paper.

Then, when he had the toys in full view he was amazed by them and was even laughing as he slapped the boxes trying to get them open.

One of the things was a cool little set of colourful cars that say they're for 18 months+ but, he got some fun out of them. Rather than play with them though, he tried to eat them; which is pretty typical behavior for him.

Today was no different than yesterday, he was laughing at the new things he got, and when he had them out of the box he was crawling around playing for a good while. The thing he likes the most though isn't even a toy.

We got him a cheap remote control (because he's amazed by TV/ game controllers) and he was eating/ playing with it, while also looking at the TV in the sitting room, to see whether or not he was making stuff happen up there. He's pretty smart and aware of these things.

He hasn't finished opening his gifts and started to get a bit cranky, so at the moment, he's asleep - which gave me a chance to get on and write a quick post.

The Plans For The Day

So, currently, we're in my partner's parents' house in her hometown, and we're going to be heading to my town pretty soon to have dinner at my mum's house.

My sister has driven her partner up to his town and will be collecting him this evening after we've had dinner, so he'll be down for a few drinks later on which is cool.

When we get back to my place, the baby will have a few more gifts to open down there and can enjoy the excitement all over again, which may inevitably end in him getting overstimulated and needing another nap.

I'm looking forward to seeing my family. I was on a video call with them this morning for a bit, but it was a bit laggy, so we didn't stay on for long.

I got some pretty cool bits and pieces, but haven't had a chance to take pictures of any of them yet, but will do that and may share a few things I got as waves or threads. Not too sure yet.

I hope everyone here on Hive has a great day, with some good food, and plenty of drinks. I know I will.

I've got a case of Heinomite, a bottle of Bailey's (which I may have had a glass of), and some Cava. Who knows, maybe my dad will let me have that bottle of rum that's been winking at me for the last few weeks.

Anyway, as the saying goes, if you can't be good, be bad.

Happy Christmas everyone!

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