NEW Threadcast Feature on INLEO | See LIVE and Scheduled Threadcasts



You guys have been asking for a Threadcast scheduler for a long time. We didn't just want to build a scheduler though. In typical INLEO fashion, we wanted to go above and beyond.

p.s. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays :)

What we did with the Threadcast feature is truly amazing. I'm sure you guys have already seen it live on the UI. When a Threadcast is live, the Host's profile icon now shows at the top of the home page. We designed this similar to Instagram Stories.

Additionally, when anyone engages in a threadcast, they also get a purple bubble around their profile pic.

For a few hours (during the Live Threadcast), the purple profile icon will appear anywhere that a user appears (who has also engaged in a threadcast). If you click on this purple bubble, it takes you directly into the threadcast that this particular user engaged in.

This adds so much dynamic to the UI. What's even bigger? It's a lens into the future of INLEO. We're building LeoNFTs and other powerful features that create LIVE gamification and an engaging experience on Web3.

Dive into this clip to find out more.


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