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10. Sep 2023

I have to disagree with the whole "everything app" concept. Yeah, I know WeChat is/was widely used, but was that because its users had freedom of choice and without censorship? Or was that because their choices were limited and the advertisers with the deepest pockets got to be highlighted in that app? Don't kill off creativity and choice by trying to appeal to everyone with "everything".As you might know, we created the Hive-Tube plugin to give Video, Podcast and Livestreamers a CHOICE of where they want their content hosted and without any restrictions at all. Upload to as many Hive-Tube hosts as you like and get That level of freedom cannot be accomplished any other way. Open standards and syndication are the way forward in Web3. If you have some free time and you want to just sit back and consume some content, will you choose a simple app catered to reading ebooks or blogs, or a simple app catered to just consuming some streaming media? Don't turn your app into a cluster f*ck of bolt-ons and One thing that I've learned over my 30+ years of software development is that you need to have a clear goal of what your product or service will be, ahead of time. If your core-competency is eBooks, then stick with that and add the features that eBook consumers expect and want, and then stop. Same thing goes for streaming media apps. Don't try to turn your app into an eBook reader, and a secure messenger, a shopping supercenter, a streaming media interface, a gps mapping app, a blogging ui, a photo-sharing app, a networking app, and a videocalling app... Make your app "grandma-friendly" "Well, we can make more money if we just add ______"

8. Sep 2023

Learning from History; Community is Everything 馃摎My grandma taught me about composting, planting season, growing and nurturing nature, harvesting, seed preservation and doubling our food production every year by practicing these things. She always said that shared knowledge (Community) is everything. Don't stress over life, develop solutions and smile more. She showed me how even the yard clippings and ash from the fire pit have value in the garden (a death and rebirth metaphor). Generations of Knowledge 馃挕I was born in 1970 (gregorian calendar) and even back then they were already doing away with important classes in school such as gardening, ranching, sewing, auto shop, wood shop, building and other creative, character-building courses. "Knowledge is Power" - What exactly does that mean? Are we here to get rich and control narratives as usual? What is "rich" anyway? No, we are trying to empower each other, contribute value to our Hive Communities, make friends here and share in the wealth of knowledge that is here. Building sustainable, growing value from our wealth.Hive doesn't have a Queen Bee. When we come together, we achieve great things. This is how Hive has grown to what it is today. Individuals coming together and providing as much value as possible, sustainability, just like a Farmer's Market. I love Farmer's Markets 馃挭馃 So how do we bring back the values of this "old world" knowledge? What is "Value"? 馃Walk in to any Community. You will see people sharing their knowledge, goods and services. Farmer's Markets are a great example of locals coming together and providing value to their community. Doing this at the local level provides abundance and where there is abundance there is less crime and more smiles.If someone comes to your community however, takes your income and buries your value, then a decision must be made. Do we just tuck tail and move to another community, or do we come together and support the downtrodden? Bullies are born out of deprivation and community empowerment, therefore building communities of abundance, cooperation and smiles renders the will to be a bully obsolete. With so