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Christmas is here and there's no better way to enjoy my evening than by watching a fine, festive holiday movie. It's a movie released last year (because I can't seem to find a likeable film amongst the ones released this year). Seeing Aimee Garcia and Freddie Prinze Jr. as the lead actors piqued my interest in the film.

Christmas With You (2022) is an American romance comedy about a popular artist, Angelina (played by Aimee Garcia) who finds herself stuck with writer's block. Her record producer continues to pressure her for an album or single release. He brings to the studio another singer, a younger lady with social media influence, as a competition. Angelina becomes worried, especially as Christmas is close, a reminder of her mother's death.

Then her producer gives her an ultimatum to come up with a Christmas-themed chart-topper or she's fired. She sees a music video of a young fan, 15-year-old Cristina (Deja Monique Cruz), online and decides to visit the girl. While on this spontaneous trip, she meets Cristina's father who is a music teacher. Will Angelina be able to secure her music career with the much-needed hit Christmas song?


Directed by Gabriela Tagliavini, the plot is good and heartwarming, reminding me of Jennifer Lopez's Marry Me romcom. The two films share some similarities—they highlighted Latin American culture and the politics in the music industry. The only difference is that Christmas With You is a festive movie. The storytelling is good and the cast delivered as expected.





The film carries the festive heartwarming vibe that a family would want to see and feel while watching during the holidays. But there are a few things I felt needed some touch-ups. It's a romcom but the comedy is a total zero.

Angelina is this serious character looking to save her career, meets a music teacher and they connect from there. There are some cringe-worthy moments where the acting feels so artificial and self-indulgent. I blame it on the script and the timing.

Also, the chemistry between Aimee Garcia and Freddie Prinze Jr. is rushed and underdeveloped. Freddie comes into the film when it's almost halfway so there isn't sufficient time and scenes to create a believable romantic connection between these two. Though they are superb actors and give their roles their best. They act so naturally and look comfortable in their roles yet the love interest part is lacking.

Still, I'll say that the vibe of the film is Christmassy with some emotional touches like when Angelina and Cristina connect on the passing of their mothers. Also, Cristina's desire to do better in music and her father's efforts to give her an amazing quinceañera. These emotional scenes give the film a heartwarming vibe that can resonate with almost everyone who watches it.

Overall, Christmas with You makes a fine holiday watch because it's full of love, music, and festive spirit. Some scenes pull on the heartstrings and it's not a bad thing. I'll say it's a well crafted film.

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