A Burmese Famous Singers and Song and I Won limited Edition Seasonal card and Playing in Rising Star Game...!


Hello Blockchain Gaming Community.

I would like to share about Burmese singers and song and playing Rising Star Game. https://www.google.com/search?q=%E1%80%9F%E1%80%94%E1%80%BA%E1%80%91%E1%80%BD%E1%80%94%E1%80%BA%E1%80%B8&tbm=isch&ved=2ahUKEwjP6O67vKiDAxXPjGMGHZJZA7EQ2-cCegQIABAD&oq=%E1%80%9F%E1%80%94%E1%80%BA%E1%80%91%E1%80%BD%E1%80%94%E1%80%BA%E1%80%B8&gs_lcp=ChJtb2JpbGUtZ3dzLXdpei1pbWcQAzoECCMQJzoFCAAQgAQ6BwgAEIAEEBg6BwgjEOoCECc6BAgAEB5Q7whY0ytgyDBoAXAAeASAAaYCiAGeFJIBBjAuMTIuNJgBAKABAbABBcABAQ&sclient=mobile-gws-wiz-img&ei=fVmIZY82z5mO4w-Ss42ICw&bih=767&biw=393&prmd=ivnsbmtz&hl=en#imgrc=tYX0NHLAafFbgM

Singer Han Htun is a national artist who sings cool songs. This singer has released many songs as well as solo albums. He also received outstanding awards related to music.

Today, let me present the song "Previous story" which is one of the many songs he sang. This song is a very good song to listen to. Let's listen to this song together.

The Lyrice of song is Previous story.

Forget it really

Forget the pain

The most expected baby

These people meet.

Too bright gold

Live your life

To be close together

Our lives are far away

Blue sky

Every time the stars fall

I can't be happy, baby

Don't cry and wipe away the tears

How far away

I will love you until the end

Too bright gold

Far away from your life

Oh, the story before

Forget the previous story

The little kisses I used to kiss in the past

Now it floats in the air like clouds

Gone in the Wind (Oh...)


Credit to song is Previous story from Youtube.

Today, I finished 4 missions in Risingstar game.

No Name Complete Mission
2 Open Mic Night 1
13 Local Mini Tour Support 1
14 Band Auditions 1
18 Cool Yule 1

Today I won a limited edition seasonal card is S69 Icicle Bells.

So, I sharing S69 Icicle Bells is below. 1.S69 Icicle Belts (Seasonal). a.Fans=0 b.Skill=0 c.Luck=10 s.IM=0

Now I am playing Local Gig Circuit. The Mission is Shopping Mall.

My game level is 116. My Ego % is 0. My Fans has 17886. My Luck has 3793. My Skill has 40994. My IM has 330

I owned totally card has 472 cards in. My Total Missions are 3914.

So I sharing Total Mission below.

No Name Total Mission
1 Illegal Busking 245
2 Open Mic Night 330
3 Mid Week Support 176
4 Licensed Busking 23
5 Midweek Headline Slot 18
6 Saturday Support 14
7 Saturday Headline 86
8 Radio Interview 200
9 Radio Studio Session 154
10 Shopping Mall Performance 104
11 Record A Demo 20
12 Local Festival Acoustic Tent 96
13 Local Mini Tour Support 1018
14 Band Auditions 114
15 Band Rehearsal 170
16 Halloween 2023 37
17 A Elfy Dose Of Christmas 7
18 Cool Yule 20
19 Promote Fan Club 41
20 Record Signing 55
21 Egg Hunt 3
22 STARBITS Millionaire 100
23 Orchestral Lesson 38
24 Basic Singing Lesson 353
25 Guitar Lesson 88
26 Production Lesson 150
27 Piano Lesson 98
28 Drum Lesson 139

Rising Star Game is my favorite PLAY-TO-EARN Blockchain Game.

see you next day.

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