The Moss Plants on Tree Trunks Amaze Me


We rested for a while at Steamed Rock Shelter 2 after traveling for about an hour and a half. In this shelter we sat around while enjoying several types of food, whether we brought it ourselves or bought it here. There are food vendors here, climbers who lack food can buy here.

After resting for about 10 minutes we continued walking and the terrain we were traveling on became more challenging because it was increasingly uphill with a road full of rocks. And finally we rested again when we arrived at the Kandang Badak stopover. At the Kandang Badak stopover, climbers can set up tents if they want to camp or spend the night here. However, we and our group, after resting for 25 minutes, continued our journey to climb Mount Gede.

The climb enters a tropical forest area with dense and towering trees. Here I really enjoyed the beauty of the tropical forest which was overgrown with quite beautiful moss plants. Here are some photos of moss plants that are very beautiful in both color and shape.

Under the towering tree covered in moss there are several types of shrubs which are also quite beautiful.

Thank you to all friends who have stopped by my post, I hope this post will be a motivation for us to always maintain the beauty of the forest without destroying it.

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