Fun-filled Night on Alae's 22nd Founding Anniversary


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Barangay Alae is quite old and this month, we celebrated it's Founding anniversary from January 23-28, 2024 just a day after the barangay fiesta.

Therw were lots of events in the past days but I was too lazt to join especially I habe three kids to tend to and for me, it's never fun when I leave them at home so I stayed at home, making use of the time to rest.

But tonight, it was the last day of the party so my husband kind of forced me to go. It was his schedule for duty today so we prepared as early as 4 in the afternoon to have dinner at 5, we then went to the venue.

I had a little chika with my mother and sister in law in their house before continuing to the covered court to find a suitable place to sit with comfortable sight on the performers. Luckily, there were screens on each side of the stage and a ramp to sit on.

I took a photo of my kids as a remembrance of the event, never minding to include me on the frame 😅. Then the show started and the people began to gather.

Then I saw a friend and invited her to sit with us, I am very comfortable with her and the kids are too. The kids could not relate to the performers and borrowed my phone so they could watch videos online.

Dos companyeros new gen were invited amd they performed so well yet most of their jokes were green jokes. I was even offended by one performer who performed an nsfw which should have been censored. The people had fun without realizing it was not good for kids to see such things.

The highlight of the night was the Siakol band whose songs were familiar and I sang along with them as I took videos and had fun. Now I regret doing it because my voice faded.

There was fireworks too which those who were in the covered court did not enjoy. We did not dare to go out to see it too in the fear of losing our seats. Anyway, we have seen those not long ago in the new year.

All in all, the night was so much fun though eldest daughter got lost in the mood.

After the show, we had to wait for hubby to take us home. I had a pulsing headache and felt very hungry too. The girls changed clothes, drank milk and headed tonbed and fell fast asleep but Czak and I ate again.

Hubby went back to work and we bid him goodnight, reminding him to be very careful always.

I had so much fun and didnnot regret coming to watch the show. It was definitely a once-in-a lifetime opportunity.

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