The Betelgeuse Occultation.


The Betelgeuse Occultation.

On December 12, the red giant star Betelgeuse, which is in the final phases of its life and when it dies it will do so as a supernova, was eclipsed by the asteroid 319 Leona, which is about 70 km in diameter.

The red giant Betelgeuse is obviously enormous, it has such a size that if we put it in the place of the Sun in the solar system it would reach almost the orbit of Jupiter, it would swallow Mars, the Earth, Venus and of course Mercury, but the thing is that the The star is about 640 light years away and the asteroid can eclipse it with respect to us because the asteroid is much closer to us and is in our own solar system.

It was expected that this asteroid would completely cover the star and thus be able to make a detailed map of both the Star and the asteroid, but the eclipse was anomalous, it was much smaller than expected, there was a reduction in light, the trajectory from which You could see this eclipse passing through the south of Miami, it also passed through Mexico and passed through Spain and in Spain these images were obtained thanks to Muhammad Sol

The eclipse was much smaller than expected, there was a reduction in light as you can see in the images of this video that Mohamed Sol took from Hondón de las Nieves in the Valencian community, in one of the few places in the world from where it could be seen. capture the event, this little or partial eclipse is because the asteroid Leona was irregular, so there were doubts about whether it could completely cover the light of the Star, this may indicate that the asteroid is much more irregular than we thought , maybe it is not just an asteroid but two asteroids that orbit very close together. These images may also give clues about the size and shape of Betelgeuse and thus be able to know what is happening with this curious and strange star.

The topic is being investigated, I suppose we will have results on both the shape of the asteroid and Betelgeuse shortly.

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