City report for 25.12.2023


Are you all okay? I pray that all will be well. We shared about the wars in the north of the country. These places border China. Our country, which relies only on imported goods, relies on Chinese imports. Due to border wars, the flow of goods has stopped. So they face many domestic shortages. The skyrocketing prices are very unhappy.

Today I got over 100 sims from #dcity war share. My income is over 2700 Sim. For Ranking, more than 1200 Sims are available. Today, I bought cards that will get a refund in order to increase the value of income. My total income target is SIM 5000. I can try to reach that state.

That's all I want to share today. We will meet again in the next days to share other topics. May you all have a good day. Take care of your health. May you all have a happy day.

@johndieo 26.12.2023

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