Several types of insects that I managed to find in the forest


hello friends! how are you today! I pray that all my friends will always be healthy and able to carry out their activities as usual. I hope that today's activities will get results according to what we have hoped for.

On this occasion I will share some very beautiful and very interesting pictures, of course these are the pictures I got in nature. I hope my friends will be entertained and like these pictures I got when I visited one of the small forests. which is not far from where I live and there I saw several types of insects that live in the forest and leaves and I didn't waste this opportunity and photographed these insects using a Samsung brand cell phone camera before I posted them here first. I edited it using the Adobe Lightroom application so that the image looks clearer and more attractive.

my venerable cch friend a few days ago I stopped in a small forest which is not far from where I live. I deliberately went there to look for some pictures which I photographed and then posted on this communication and there were many types of insects that lived there. in the trees and eating the young leaves from the forest as if very happy and very happy to be in the trees whose leaves were still bright and very green.

As we know, the forest is a place where insects live and in the forest they look for food and breed and in my area the forest is still very large and very numerous so it is very easy to get these insects because they are not extinct and still have a place. Just so that it is not difficult to photograph them because when we approach the insects they are not wild and move away so taking pictures will feel very easy and very enjoyable.

OK, my friends, here, let's look at some pictures of insects that I managed to get a few things ago. I hope my friends will be happy and like them.

This picture shows a type of caterpillar that lives on thistle leaves

Insects belonging to the group of grasshoppers and crickets that live on leaves

Insects of the dragonfly type are known as rhinoceros dragonflies

Caterpillars are a type of insect that is very dangerous because they can cause itching if they come into contact with the caterpillars

that's what I can share and write in this post, more or less, I apologize and I hope this post is useful for all of us and thank you for the visit and support from all my friends and finally see you in my next post of course at this greatest community Thank You Wassalam @joelibra

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