My little way of giving to the society during this Holiday: medical outreach


The holidays are marked with lots of giving, and ironically, rather than having abundance, the reverse seems to be the case in Nigeria. Everything seems to be done with caution and perhaps with significant importance. The liberal approach to events or commodities is not spared, as these are equally approached with the unconscious but relatable concept of "opportunity cost."

This holiday period fortunately coincided with my annual leave from work, meaning the abundance of time is there. Personally, I have spent a significant part of this leave at home and sleeping, in addition to trying to stay away from interruptions from work or acquaintances.

I was notified from work that a medical outreach was scheduled for last week, and I was asked if I would want to participate. Of course I did not have to be present, but being a medic and also my way of giving intangibly during this yuletide period, I consented and showed up.

The medical outreach was to the Pake community in ilorin, Kwara State, and most of the people that turned up were the elderly, traders, and civil servants. We had a medical laboratory scientist to check the blood sugar level of participants and also a pharmacist to counsel on drug adherence for those on blood pressure and diabetic medications. I picked about three patients who had hypertensive urgency and directed them to a nearby clinic immediately for more intervention, while those at risk of being hypertensive were counseled on lifestyle modifications. I enjoyed every bit of the outreach, and this was evident when my people packed up to leave and I chose to stay back with the last batch, attending to those that presented late. On another note, maybe because of my heart, I wish such gestures could go around everyone, but humanity cannot be saved by one man.

This one thing I did has a lot of meaning for me: giving to those that cannot repay me a scarce consultation done as a selfless service. Though the government is making efforts to make access to quality health affordable, it is still a long-term reality as factors such as insufficient personnel continue to ravage the health system. I look forward to opportunities like this to reach out to those who are indigent, elderly, or do not have the means. Just like the spirit of Christmas and holidays, a check on one's well-being is one of the gifts we can have. What would wealth be without good health?

The holidays came with much apprehension, especially in the face of limited resources. Many people went out of their way to enjoy the yuletide, and I would not blame them much. However, we can be thankful for the gift of life and good health. For me, I've stayed within the limits of my comfort zone, and though I have not gone out to party or hang out, Christmas has been a beautiful event to mark.

I hope we enjoyed the Christmas celebration and at least tasted chicken. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance.

Thank you for reading. I would love to have your comments and contributions.


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